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Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park, NJ

The dilapidated storefronts and crumbling edifices of downtown Paterson, New Jersey tell the story of a town battered by the winds of change. Once a booming hub for manufacturing—in fact, it was the… 573 more words


Iguazu Falls from both sides

After a whirlwind few days in Rio and a couple of soggy ones in Salvador, we were off to explore Iguazu Falls. We’d heard both the Brazilian and Argentinian sides were worth a visit, so we planned a couple of days on each as we made our way towards Buenos Aires. 817 more words


Oahu Hikes // Waimano Falls

Where? Waimalu area, South of Oahu.
Duration: About 6 hours (transportation included)
Level of intensity: Lazy-person-level 200/10, normal-person-level 5/10 (more difficult than physically hard)
How to get there? 584 more words


Jasper National Park, Canada

I visited Jasper National Park in Alberta in summer 2015. It is a largely untamed, majestic place and very beautiful.

This is the frothy water flowing away after the falls. 10 more words