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Mystic Hints...

Secrets hide

Behind her walls

Past muted echoes

Of the Waterfall

Through veils of rain

Past whispered calls

They slumber ‘neath

Her slippery halls

Hints of Magic… 8 more words


Peračica Waterfall

I love visiting this place. It’s located near Brezje, Slovenia, in the middle of the woods. Walking is a nice workout too. It takes me about an hour of walking to get to this place. Priceless.


Chagrin Falls

A couple of weeks ago, a friend, my boyfriend, and I went to Chagrin Falls.  I’ve been there a few times but every time I was there, for one reason or another, I could not walk down by the waterfall.   66 more words


Waterfalls in Colorado Bend State Park

Saturday I took part in a landscape photography workshop at Colorado Bend State Park in Central Texas. I have been to this park several times as there are lots of nice hiking trails. 540 more words



ទឹកធ្លាក់អូរគគី ជិតតំបន់ពេជ្រនិល មើលពីផ្លូវជាតិឃើញ ឥលូវមានផ្លូវអាចជិះម៉ូតូបានហើយ បើឡានទុកនៅក្រោមដើរឡើងបាន ។ 500ម៉ែត្រ ពីផ្លូវជាតិ ទុកឡាន ដើឡើងប្រហែល 200ម៉ែត្រ ។#shareមួយអោយគេមើលលេងទៅ