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Waterfalls in Yilan

Short video of the Wufengqi Waterfalls in Jiaoxi, Yilan County. A nice place, but can get crowded on weekends and holidays.
We will have an article about the area in the March/April issue of Travel in Taiwan.

Slow Jeju ~ Day 4

Woken up at sunrise and to the sound of waves crashing to the shore just outside our window.. Better than any relaxation apps.. :)

We freshened up.. 1,388 more words

Jeju Trip

Getting lost, getting dirty, getting drunk.

Slightly hungover and with a lack of sleep we floated south down the Mekong river. I had a profound moment as I listened to The Greatest Generation album by The Wonder Years and started making a list of all the notable firsts I’d had since I started travelling. 2,090 more words


Goodbyes and Bike Rides

I mentioned in my last post that moving on from Rio was such a hard thing for me to do. Any place you spend an extended time just becomes such a part of you that the idea of not being there is odd. 689 more words


Frozen Niagara Falls (kind of)

This winter has been another rather nippy one (although, so far, rather less long drawn-out than last year’s), with one result being that the American Falls at Niagara have largely frozen over. 47 more words


One check off the bucket list

I don’t even know how to start on my post about Iguazu falls. It was just absolutely incredible. The best way to describe it is indescribable. 815 more words