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Whistlers Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing all a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Here are some photographs I took weeks ago of whistlers that I hope you will like.  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger photo.  Enjoy!

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Don’t you just love the stripes on it’s face?!? Super cute.


The Cape Of Good Birds

I grew up in New York—Tarrytown, to be exact, about 30 miles north of the city, along the Hudson River—and as a New Yorker, I shared the long-held belief that New Jersey, just across the river to the south, was a dump. 1,504 more words


Sometimes you can really see how birds are descendants of dinosaurs. Just imagine this whimbrel as a velociraptor running on the beach! They even look like they would run the same.


Serving up still more leftovers

According to the widget that I installed on my blog, it’s only three months until spring arrives. These may be the longest three months of my life, I’m getting to the point where I hate winters. 2,205 more words


Serving up more leftovers

This post will be mostly leftovers, and before Thanksgiving. ;)

However, before I get to the older photos, I have to start with a few of my newer ones, just because I can, and because they give me a reason for some more boring talk on photo gear. 1,501 more words