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Sunday Duck-day

On Sunday morning Dave and I went to Haddon Lake Park. We’ve been there hundreds of time over the years. Sometimes I just need my duck-fix, so it’s the perfect place to spot waterfowl. 499 more words

Duck Stamps

A peaceful alliance between the birder and hunter seems as improbable as the Biblical lion lying down with the lamb, but miracles do happen.  Just remember the stories of the vast flocks of Passenger Pigeons and Carolina Parakeets darkening the skies and their subsequent decimation by hunters.   528 more words


Habitat Restoration Projects to Help California’s Wintering Waterfowl

State Duck Stamp Dollars Support Waterfowl Population at Beginning of Their Life Cycle

It might seem incongruous for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) to fund a habitat restoration project located somewhere outside of California. 631 more words



Foreword: It wasn’t unusual that I’d find, on occasion, corpses and bones belonging to fish, Canada Geese, and mammals on Cayuga Lake’s shore. A senior at Wells College, I’d often stroll the length between the boathouse and the tributary, the same length every few days or every few weeks, throughout the seasons. 362 more words


Rare Birds - The Emperor Goose

I got the rare bird report when I was in Salem, Oregon in September. A number of people had reported an Emperor Goose near Coos Bay, also in Oregon, and I don’t have one on my list. 132 more words


My 3 Favorite Trumpeter Swan Photos

It is impossible for me to choose which one of these photos is my favorite.  They are not close-ups, they are favorites for the swans and the background of flooded  Somenos Marsh in winter.  64 more words



Pic of the week: “Prey and Wait”

Nestled between the Towpath Trail and Industrial Road, a Blue Heron stalks sunfish in the Pennsylvania Canal. Motionless. Undisturbed. 25 more words