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Waterfowl Wednesday - Captain Bluebeak

HELP! Identification required. Small duck spotted paddling around, with a beak which looked pale blue, but could have been white in another light. It could have been in disguise, with a cloak of rusty red. 36 more words

The Magnificent Wood Duck

Ducks swim in lakes, ponds, rivers and oceans. They waddle around on the ground. Many display beautiful coloring. One of my favorites is the strikingly colored wood duck. 85 more words


The Sound of Returning

Every time I drive over the bridge there are more of them there than the last time.

The returning has begun.

In the car, though, you miss the sound of it.  186 more words


Waterfowl Wednesday - Wiggly water wanderer

Another of my ‘quickly snapped’ photos from a very hasty visit to Brookfields Garden Centre in Holmfirth, where I just happened to be passing, and ran in to have a squint at the inhabitants of their duck pond. 65 more words


Several Bufflehead (Bucephala albeola; source: allaboutbirds.org) have taken a liking to this pond; they are present every day. They take less of a liking to my presence, quickly paddling away when they see me.


Fish-out 2018

This was the weekend of the annual fish-out, an event created and fostered by my brother, Rob. Despite significant rain, the event went off without a hitch and we had a great time. 96 more words


Wildlife Refuge, Savannah

Photo copyright (c) 2018 by W.Micke.

Taken in the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, April 2018