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Monday Bird of the Week No.44 - Mallard

If there is a bird we take for granted in this country, it surely must be the mallard? Simultaneously beloved of bread-chucking kids, yet ignored but adults unless it is on the menu. 288 more words


Duck Cleaning

Hello and welcome back to another week of evasions and elisions here at Factually Deficient! This week, I will answer a question forwarded to Factually Deficient’s attention by the redoubtable R0tavat0R. 308 more words

Blatant Lies

Save Ducks, Shoot Ducks

My wife was talking to me that other night.  Something about the mortgage being due.  But my mind started wandering….about the wood duck box I plan on building this summer, going over the build plans one more time in my head….Then I started thinking about how cool it would be to put up a bunch of boxes around the water hole where I normally hunt…..It would be sweet to fill that area with wood ducks…..Then I started to think about harvesting a pretty wood duck drake, and how nice it would look mounted in my office… 519 more words

Duck Hunting

Action on the Avon

It’s been the hottest week of the year so far with temperatures hitting as high as 25° C. The warmer weather has caused plenty of invertebrates to emerge. 384 more words

Red-Shouldered Hawk at Lake Mira-Mar in The Villages, FL

I spotted this Red-tailed Hawk perched in the boughs of a lovely Cypress Tree on the banks of the little Lake Mira-Mar in The Villages, FL near the Spanish Springs square.   134 more words



Mallard On The Oneida


Eliot Ware (RiverHouse Photos)

Oneida River

Mandarin Duck (Aix galericulata)

I generally don’t think much about ducks. Mallards are the ones I’m most familiar with, and though they’re pretty, I’ve seen them so often I don’t pay much attention to them. 611 more words