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Rough Day

We reserved a hunting location through WDFW hunting reservation program for a flooded field in Mason County. It was designated as a ‘quality’ hunt (which apparently also implied not quantity) so we had high hopes.   213 more words

The Good Life

Like my dog Olimpiya, everyone is looking for the good things in life. I decided to start this blog to talk about four things that I consider are some of the ‘good stuff.’ I also realize that the ‘goodstuff’ isn’t the same for everyone so if you’re not a fan of hunting, fishing, RESPONSIBLE drinking of good quality scotch, and burning stuff on the grill, then this blog probably isn’t for you.   205 more words

Winter Birding West Coast Style...

I needed to go to Washington state to pick up copies of my latest mystery novel, the Bent Box, and figured I might as well also pick up a few birds while I’m down there. 694 more words


Is American Freedom in Jeopardy? A Hunter’s Perspective

“American freedom is in jeopardy.” Who should be taxed more, who should be taxed less, who should be allowed in, who should be shut from our boarders? 1,247 more words


Hornsby Bend Visit

Hornsby Bend is a widely recognized spot for birding in central Texas.   I’m more interested in the bird photography potential so I made my second visit there yesterday.   770 more words

Bird Photography

Hunting the Silver Lining

Ah, the fickleness of fowl. To be a waterfowl hunter means throwing many parties where the guests of honor are no-shows. After hours of planning, booking the venue, arranging the party favors, sending out invitations – a large amount of effort and expense – you are too often sitting there alone, looking around, checking the clock until you finally realize: they’re not coming. 542 more words


Ring-necked Duck

The Ring-necked Duck above was photographed at Quamichan Lake in winter of 2011.  This was the only time I have seen this duck in this location.  133 more words