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New on 500px : ☆Thin Ice☆ by anthonyjayfields


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The White Tower of Thessaloniki

Beautiful as she may be, Thessaloniki wouldn’t be half as charming without her 5 km long waterfront promenade. This is where the city lives and breathes, works out and cools down, goes for a walk, falls in or out of love, wines and dines, gets inspired, goes fishing and pet walking, argues about politics and football (two absolute favourites among my compatriots). 410 more words


New on 500px : Denmark by Elstrup

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Time Lapse of Play the Bridge by 2 Degrees Mobile

The Auckland Harbour Bridge will be lit up every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night until the 25th of April. The lights are even in sync with music you can choose! 49 more words


where is spring?

How has your spring been so far?  Ours hasn’t arrived yet…check out our snow banks!   As I am writing this it is snowing, in the morning the temperature is supposed to be -26F or -14C with the wind chill!   …could be worse right?

Heather Cote Photography