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British Politics for Dummies, the perfect beginner's guide to Westminster politics



In 2010, Julian Knight, published his book – British Politics for Dummies.

The 416 page paperback, is just one of seven works which the… 215 more words


Standing is good for you

I wrote my very first book report on Anne of Green Gables. She’s sassy. She’s Canadian. She uses words like “bosom” liberally.

In other words, she’s my kind of gal. 415 more words

The Odd One Out

Trusting the government

I’m not paranoid. Really, I’m not. I just don’t trust the government.

Given the new Net Neutrality missive by the FCC, I’m apprehensive about the future of internet communications. 477 more words

Dressgate, Inflategate, Fencegate, Shutyourtrapgate

Could we quit putting “__gate” on the end of things like “Dressgate” and “Inflategate” as if they are anywhere near as controversial or RELEVANT as Watergate? 16 more words



I read Roger Stone’s Nixon’s Secrets: The Rise, Fall, and Untold Truth about the President, Watergate and the Pardon.  My opinion of Richard Nixon has changed.  184 more words

Confidentiality: cases and commentary

Confidentiality laws are there to protect information. It is a legal way to prevent intrusion and relates closely to privacy. A duty of confidence arises from the circumstances in which confidential information is expressed. 679 more words

Media Law

Lecture Notes: Watchdog Journalism in the USA: Vietnam & Watergate.

Journalism is often defined as the practice of holding power to account. Using this assertion as our basis, Watergate was surely the ultimate journalistic triumph, in that it took down a corrupt US president. 283 more words