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Part 2 of “The Watergate Story.” You know, someday they’ll make a TV miniseries out of this blog series. I want Lauren Graham to play me. 609 more words


5 Things Comey just revealed Trump told him

5 Things Comey just revealed Trump told him

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Gateway Articles linking to Article Series of 4-12 Parts: 166 more words

Trump, the media and Watergate.

It is no accident that President Trump is being compared to Richard Nixon, or that the Russian collusion/Manchurian Candidate meme is being advanced by virtually every media outlet as being analogous to Watergate. 2,098 more words


With Russia In The Mix, This Far Surpasses Watergate

By Jason Taylor

Watergate occurred in a different era. Yes, Americans were on the same page when it came to political malfeasance made manifest with the tapes. 900 more words

Donald Trump

The Committee to Re-Elect the President

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about dissent in American history. Really, I could pick almost any topic; at some point it is or was controversial. 689 more words



There was an abundance of memorable moments during the Watergate scandal, but none managed to condense as much drama into such a short space of time as the so-called ‘Saturday Night Massacre’, which occurred on October 20 1973. 943 more words


{ From Notorious to Prestigious }

Charles W. Colson was notorious during the Nixon presidency and Watergate scandal of the 1970’s.

“I would walk over my own grandmother to make sure Richard M. 288 more words