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Cats Reflection - Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein 

Woodward and Bernstein were the latest topic for our cats lecture, having already covered some of their work in semester one for a presentation the materials were generally recognised however the perspectives covered offered up new insight into the two men who arguably are cornerstones in twentieth century investigative journalism. 200 more words

Critical Analysis & Theoretical Studies (John)

Move Over, Richard Nixon! It’s Roger Goodell Time!

 DATELINE: Ghost of Nixon

Suppose Roger Goodell held a press conference after the owners’ meeting.

How much would you bet that he would come across as the New Nixon? 242 more words

"Rat Bait": Beware Of Republicans Playing Games!

Because you may have missed this story over the weekend, here’s some important news for lefty critics of Hillary Clinton, via the New York Times… 339 more words


Watergate Complex

Given the looming Watergate break-in anniversary in June, I thought it apropos to post some images of the historic complex to let folks get an idea of what the place looks like. 351 more words


Woodward and Bernstein and Watergate Cats Reflection

During my Cat’s session, we learnt about Woodward and Bernstein, Watergate scandal. Before my Cat’s session I was aware of the Watergate Scandal but it wasn’t until I did research online and read further into the story that I found out more information about how the scandal first came about. 528 more words

CATS - John Baron

The Insanity of the Clinton Campaign

Have we seen anything more politically insane, more downright delusional, than Hillary Clinton’s current campaign for the presidency? In answering that, we might wish to climb into our handy-dandy time machine (you know, the one we keep in storage, just in case) and take ourselves back forty years to 1975. 354 more words


Win at what cost?

Once there were two men. One was a politician, the other a professional football player. Both placed winning above any other consideration. The irony is that both men would have won their respective contests. 399 more words