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Sermon 01-31-16: "Born Again"

In Jesus conversation with Nicodemus, he uses a striking analogy from Numbers 21 to describe the way in which his own atoning death on the cross saves us from our sin. 3,035 more words

Sexy Political Scandals

Before listening to the latest episode of Radio Lab over the weekend, I’d never heard of Gary Hart. Poor guy might have been president if the American public and media hadn’t suddenly taken an interest in his sex life. 369 more words



Bernie Sanders is acting like Hillary Clinton’s set-up man.  He is just a body going through the motions of a presidential candidate, a practice run for Hillary, just a little taste of political bashing to warm her up. 155 more words

Because it's Saturday night...

…and the feeling’s right, let’s take a listen to a badass DJ and producer. La Fleur currently hails from Berlin by way of Sweden and is about to embark on her third year as resident DJ at the world famous Watergate night club. 52 more words

Supervision, scholarship, and empathy

My biggest teaching challenge for the 2015-16 academic year has been taking on responsibility for supervising the final year dissertations of eleven undergraduate students. It’s very rewarding to be given this job, but it also makes me only too aware of the profound responsibility that I now have for the research of junior scholars. 689 more words

University Of Edinburgh


We associate the expression with Nixon and Watergate and the continued efforts of politicians, pedophile priests, their bibulous Bishops and other criminals to conceal and in some cases to legitimize in the eyes of the public their unsavory behavior.  355 more words