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E-Mailgate: HIllary Never Asked State Department's Permission to Use Private Server. The Lifetime of Lies Continues...

The possibility of Presumptive Democrat Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton facing a Federal Grand Jury Indictment before the 2016 Presidential Election occurs next November is becoming more and more a certain reality. 1,897 more words


Watergate: A 2-Day Experience

As a part of Green Me Festival Workshop in Tehran our group was supposed to make a short film in 96 hours. As much as challenging it was, this project also was an amazing teamwork experience for me. 403 more words


Gates' that are way better than Gamergate

Today sees the hotly anticipated return of the comedy article! Enjoy and remember – satire be here!

So in the aftermath of the news that Zoe Quinn has won her case against her ex-boyfriend; not her criminal case but the subsequent suit that stated the restraining order she had placed on him infringed on his human rights, I decided to chat about the whole affair – something I haven’t done up to this point. 676 more words


James Woods on Benghazi

From Truth Revolt

Your daily dose of the actor’s barbed political tweets.

TruthRevolt takes the Hollywood left to task for their poisonous activism so often that it can be easy to forget there is a Hollywood right. 97 more words


A still from today’s shooting of WaterGate, our 96-Hour filmmaking project

Short Film

The Watergate Scandal

The Watergate Scandal was the first time in U. S. history that a president was labeled as a co-conspirator during their term. The scandal began in June 17th, 1972 when several people involved in Nixon’s reelection campaign were caught breaking into Watergate, the office building of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), in Washington D.C.. 302 more words


Lost and Found - May 9th Edition

What to remember about May 9th…