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The past 10-20 years, I've realized that my beloved America's elections are as corruptible as anyone's

The first time I realized that the US’s dometic freedom was not guaranteed was during the Iran Contra hearings in the 1980s when the Bush/Reagan stoolie Oliver North talked about proposals to suspend the constitution in times of crises (it is amazing that Richard Nixon was hung to dry for Watergate but that Reagan and Bush skirted through the Iran Contra situation with barely a mark — that is true and corruptible power). 184 more words

On This Day: July 27th

On July 27th 1974 the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee voted 27 to 11 to recommend the first article of impeachment against then President Richard Nixon. 623 more words


Slick Willie Spins Princess Hillary Fairy Tale

Liars characteristically become so overconfident that they try to get away with obvious lies.

Former President Bill Clinton’s fairy tale like biography of Hillary’s life omitted some significant facts and ended with a blatant lie.  196 more words

Hillary For Humanity? Yeah Right!

On Tuesday morning, I was out for a walk and my cell-phone alerts me that I have an email. I checked it and raised an eyebrow. 406 more words

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eve of destruction


These 19,000 leaked emails prove what seemed likely all along:  the DNC, a supposedly impartial entity, supported Hillary Clinton from the start and did anything in its power to sabotage Bernie Sander’s campaign, including impugning his religion. 376 more words

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The Martha Mitchell Effect

Matt Freeman DNP, MPH

“It’s all happening. It’s happening now.”

I could smell a hint of whiskey or bourbon on my patient’s breath. His knee bounced up and down with anxiety; his eyes scanned the room. 870 more words

Cracked 5 ... July 19th, 2016

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Other Activities Available at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio

A. A film

A 73-minute tribute to the National Football League team from Cleveland, entitled… 111 more words

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