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CFM-56 - Politics, Exports and More.

I was wondering whether to blog anything about the CFM-56 engine following its recent appearance in the news headlines.  The media coverage following the in-flight failure of an engine on Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 on April 17, 2018 dredged up several stories going back through the years, one of which piqued my attention and made me want to fill in some of the gaps in the narrative.   1,208 more words


DNC Files Lawsuit Against Trump Camp, Others Over 2016 Hack | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

In a remarkable echo of the Watergate era, the DNC has filed a lawsuit against the Donald Trump campaign, members of Trump’s inner circle, Russia, Wikileaks, and others over the hack of e-mails and other data by Russia during the 2016 campaign. 80 more words


The Watergate Scandal's Saturday Night Massacre of 1973

One of the most shocking episodes of the Watergate Scandal occurred on the evening of October 20th, 1973, what the press would dub The Saturday Night Massacre… 899 more words

Forgotten History

The Speed of Life: The Summer of 1973: I'm Too Young For This @#&*

The Watergate Hearings

The whole lot more learning part of the summer came as a result of daily television coverage that began on May 13 and ended on August 7 – coverage of the Senate Watergate Commission hearings. 825 more words


I Am Not A Crook

Those who watched the Watergate scandal surrounding Richard M Nixon should be having feelings of deja vu. The whole country was fascinated about what the president tried to cover up during his term in office that was considered illegal. 177 more words

History Repeats Itself: Will Trump pull a Nixon?

Secret tape recordings of a president’s conversations? The president firing the very people investigating them? Cover-ups of fowl play and obstruction of justice? It’s difficult to tell which president I’m referring to; Richard Nixon or Donald Trump? 497 more words

What impressed me recently (1): Arendt, Fox, Lithuania, and Chagall

Hannah Arendt’s Lying in Politics (1971)

Arendt’s style is not for beginners. She throws at you lots of background information, random quotes in Latin, archaic terms, tricky references. 1,154 more words

Hannah Arendt