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Media an unelected aristocracy hoping to do to Trump what they did to Nixon

Economist and actor Ben Stein, speaking to Brianna Keilar on CNN, said he wasn’t surprised nor disappointed “that President Donald Trump planned to skip the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner in April.” 209 more words


A Free Press As the Root of Democracy: Reflections on Shabbat Shekalim

When I was a youngster, before I discovered the rabbinate as my career, I had other aspirations. I wasn’t interested in becoming an astronaut, nor a doctor or a scientist. 1,044 more words

Coming of Age in the Watergate Era and Awaiting the Trump Impeachment

February 24, 2017

I’m kinda old (I turned 53 this week), so forgive me if I appear a bit jaded by the current state of corrupt politics. 923 more words

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Perfect distractions: Watergate 22 - Catz 'N Dogz

After four days off radar I can’t think of a finer way to chase the black dog away than with some, well, finer sounding Catz ‘N Dogz… 54 more words

Perfect Distractions

Main Stream Media are laughing at Trump and want to get rid of him

Main Stream Media (MSM) claim that President Donald Trump won the election because Putin helped him. That sounds very odd. It`s probably right, but this story is very strange. 388 more words


It's Time to Revisit the Watergate Scandal

All politicians lie, it comes with the job.  They make promises they can’t keep.  They have grandiose plans that fall through.  They dodge hardball questions and give fuzzy answers at town halls and press conferences.  1,390 more words


Christmas Card 2016

Yes, once again, my Christmas Card is posted before Easter Sunday!  This makes Four Record-Breaking Years in a Row! ;-) In a time-honored tradition of MidWinter Christmas Stories, I offer you a tale to enjoy. 6,430 more words