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West MacDonnell Ranges- Ellery Creek Big Hole

From Ormiston we continued to a new gap in the Range; the Ellery Creek Big Hole is the deepest waterhole in the West Macs.   

Obviously this is another much visited ‘hole’ if the quality footpath is a measure. 99 more words

Northern Territory

Between the Sun and the Moon

Parenting a toddler alone can be hard, but in this outback horror story it is both isolating and terrifying.

Between the Sun and Moon

They had said goodbye to daddy at dawn, waved from the street as he coaxed the road train to life, listened to the deep rumble as the engine swallowed every other noise. 2,487 more words

NYC Midnight


This Southern Masked Weaver met us at Domkrag:

Other residents there included a Cape Weaver:

A Cape Sparrow:

Fiscal Shrike:

Several terrapins on the bank of Rooidam watched this… 59 more words



The first spring flush of green grass brought the Kudu out in the open. These ones were grazing close to Domkrag in the Addo Elephant National Park: 30 more words



In this flash fiction round my genre was horror, my setting was the North Pole and my object was a survival kit. I knew I didn’t want to set this story in the actual North Pole so I found that there was a place in the Western Australian desert of the same name. 1,048 more words

Flash Fiction

Time for a bath!

It’s getting hot in Zambia – and the elephants in South Luangwa National Park take the opportunity to take a refreshing bath.


Drinking elephants

An elephant mother and her calf drinking at a waterhole.

Photo taken in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia