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Tennyson & Waterhouse: Shared Visions of The Lady of Shalott

John William Waterhouse, The Lady of Shalott, 1888.

The Lady of Shalott, painted in oil on canvas by John William Waterhouse in 1888, inspired by the poem titled, “The Lady of Shalott,” written by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, in 1842, now housed in the Tate Gallery, London, England, UK, from the late Pre-Raphaelite historical period of art created in England for the Royal Academy, at the end of the reign of Queen Victoria. 4,354 more words

Women's Studies

Jurisprudence: Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins

In 1989, Ann Hopkins sued Price Waterhouse under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, alleging that Price Waterhouse had denied her the chance of becoming a partner at the firm because she was a woman. 4,046 more words


The Divine Comedy: Purgatory 8 Matelda, Beatrice in her chariot

The final cantos of Dante’s ‘Purgatory’, from the meeting with Matelda (also known as Matilda) to the end of this book, have been enormously popular among artists. 1,090 more words


2019 Leo New Moon Oracle

When the Sun is in Leo it’s all about fire. Fire, fire and more fire. Summer is at its sweltering height (for most of us, in much of the northern hemisphere at least) and Leo, the fixed Fire sign, is a hot and passionate lion filled with pride and magnetism. 1,021 more words

New Moon

Painting the Intangible: The non-visual cast as a figure

In the previous article, I looked at examples of allegory in paintings which have been used to express non-visual concepts in visual terms. Because these were usually both elaborate and dependent on the viewer understanding their symbolic language, they can all too readily become unreadable, and just look bizarre. 1,742 more words



Palazzo Reale – Milano

JUST opened in Milano this amazing exhibition . Paintings Coming fron The Tate altough i think you al know that the best collection si owned by Andrew Lloyd webber. 44 more words

Vaping: The Dangerous Trend

UP IN SMOKEA poster about vaping hangs outside the nurses office at Spaulding High school

Vaping has become a popular trend, and this trend has quickly become a problem at high schools across the country. 571 more words