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Almost all our problems here at the Horizon House gardens involve water…in one way or another.

There’s a leak creating a flood; the hose has popped rendering water unavailable; the hose nozzle is broken; a spray emits from the sprayer going in the wrong direction, creating a very wet gardener; there’s water leaking across the deck under the planters creating a slippery spot, which is NOT good in a retirement community where some folks are challenged with walking; we need more folks to water pots and planters that are not individually cared for by an assigned gardener; there is the usual vacationer who either forgets, or neglects to get their garden cared for in their absence.  326 more words


What to do with the water used to cook?

Whenever we cook pasta, rice or boil vegetables always throw away the water, STOP!
We can do a favor to nature, which gives us so many good products and we save this water, if you cook with no or very little salt, use thi water for watering the plants. 42 more words


Watering Flowers by Moonlight

Tonight the evening air is dusky

and has a faint smell of smoke

as if someone was stoking their fire

on this warm May night… 91 more words



It happens everywhere.  NO WATER!  This time it’s not a drought, it’s broken, or leaking pipes; it’s the construction work interfering on our gardening levels; it’s hoses malfunctioning; and even vacations happening for a few weeks at a time during the growing season.  255 more words



I grew up in India where there were many household insects ranging from the dangerous such as flies, mosquitoes and termites- to others such as spiders, ants, bees and butterflies. 350 more words



Most of the gardeners here at Horizon House are a bit tense these days.  With the scaffolding going up, and a rule forbidding entry onto the gardening terraces, gardens are having to do without water!  521 more words