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It is reported that President Macron has offered to lend the Bayeux Tapestry to Britain as a gesture of cultural cooperation and goodwill (and a reminder of who won in 1066); that he is demanding a payment of £44 million for policing the Channel ports and, of course, that he wants us to pay an enormous Brexit bill in return for not much at all. 332 more words


Waterloo Play Encourages Conversation About Effects of School Shootings

WATERLOO, Iowa  —  A school play in Waterloo is tackling a hot-button issue as it goes over school shootings and the aftermath.

The artistic director says it’s a show meant to spark important conversations about situations that are sadly seen too often. 132 more words


Agression Vs. Toleranse And Peace

Hello, my name is Eli, you probably heard about me here and there. I am usually the type who will open the door to a Jehova’s witness and hear what he has to say. 725 more words


Irish dancers to put on performance for CAFOD

Members of the community from Waterloo are holding an event on 28 January, which will feature performances from a local Irish dance school, for CAFOD… 168 more words

Local CAFOD Event

Battles that changed history: the Battle of Waterloo

Hello guys, this is the time traveler and I’m back with another interesting topic. In this post I will continue the “battles that changed history” series with another important battle. 663 more words

History Book

                                       History Book

I found my corner, made it my shelter,
became my station, behind my back the wall.
I had studied introversion.
I knew why I was silent, 190 more words

Chimneys And Clouds, A Collection Of Poems By Philip Dodd