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Book review: Waterloo: A Layman's Guide

Waterloo: A Layman’s Guide gives an introductory overview of the Battle of Waterloo. I had some knowledge of Waterloo before reading the book (I could correctly answer all the questions that had been posed to the public (such as who led the British army), but did not have a great understanding of the battle. 100 more words


Calgary, Scotland? The quaint European places that gave their names to some of Canada’s largest (and ugliest) cities

When Canadians name cities, they usually honour royalty (Charlottetown, Regina) honour a saint (St. John’s, most of Quebec) or just ask the locals what they call the place (Toronto, Winnipeg). 1,372 more words


'Hard pounding gentlemen' The tactics of Waterloo

Free talk – 8th July 1pm-2pm

‘Hard pounding gentlemen’ The tactics of Waterloo

Professor Charles Esdaile from the University of Liverpool re-considers Wellington’s command of the Allied forces and the tactics which delivered his ‘immortal victory’ 26 more words

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Day School: The Battle of Waterloo – Autumn 2015

On 18th June 1815, Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington met at the Battle of Waterloo. We will examine the background to the battle, its dramatic course and results and watch part of ‘Waterloo’ (1970). 37 more words

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As we get close to our move to our new flat, I thought I would give folks a glimpse of our first London neighborhood – Waterloo. 870 more words


Forgotten places

Part of the Grand Valley trail in Waterloo, ON. I had forgotten about this trail for years!


Something in the air...or some London Southern Railway infrastructure from a helicopter...

And now for something slightly different… Last weekend I was lucky enough to have taken a helicopter ride over parts of London. This post concentrates on some of the photographs that I was able to take that are relevant to Southern Railway infrastructure that I thought might be of interest to readers of this blog. 357 more words

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