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Every time we Take a Picture*, we have all the rights to it. 

I have seen many people, including myself until recently, that forget to sign their name and think that this is not so important. 249 more words


Why Blog for Pictures Instead of Facebook?

It’s simple – to make it easier to find the picture we want to see later!

Stay with me now….If you get to know my blog, you’ll notice “Categories” and “Tags”.   279 more words


13 Easy & Free Ways to Watermark Photos

One of the most difficult things about sharing your photography is that sometimes, folks like your photos.  Why is that a difficult thing?  Because sometimes folks like your photo so much, they forget to give you proper credit for it, and may go so far as to claim it as their own work and maybe even profit from it.   244 more words


stocks and bonds

the time we spent together
is permanent
not to fade
for I wear you like a watermark
and sorrow
love’s stock in trade


Rina & Jordan

We just had the pleasure of doing the love story of our good friend Rina & Jordan. If you are interested in something like this for your wedding or just as a special present for a loved one please call (415) 766-8398

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