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Tuesday, Still annoyed

I hate being mildly sick. It’s not bad enough to make me think it’ll be a good excuse to call in sick, but it just makes me feel icky all day long. 155 more words

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Monday, The day I was sick

But not TOO sick. Just annoying sick. *eyeroll*

Green cauliflower and broccoli oiled and seasoned and ready to roast.

My BEAUTIFUL watermelon radish pickles gracing a turkey sandwich on sourdough. 130 more words

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Saturday, Back to the farmers market

Trying to get all those bags of one muffin, or one slice of quickbread out of the freezer this morning. Some bags are labeled, some aren’t (I don’t mind playing muffin roulette, because I know they all taste good. 253 more words

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Simple sweet pickled radish

Simple sweet pickled radish: Sometimes we have a day so full of cooking and creating, that we often forget to share with you some of the more simple stuff that has been made possible in the The Big Dream Factory kitchen. 339 more words


Fettucini with Roasted Watermelon Radishes in Mushroom Lentil Sauce

Did a lot of cooking this weekend, cooking and baking. Though one of them was a complete fail. I was trying to make a four ingredient protein brownie that looked like it would be delicious and healthy. 393 more words



Yes, some mornings I eat off of monkey plates. I would like to say, I have nice plates. I have very nice plates that I got for my wedding and LOVE. 321 more words

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Sweet Potato Falafel with Watermelon Radish Sauce

You know it is really starting to become winter here when the farmers’ markets become whittled versions of their robust summer selves–unusually warm weather be damned. 431 more words