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A shot of ACV a day...

Apple cider vinegar, ACV for short, has come to show that it can offer many health benefits when consumed on a daily basis. It has been known to help with weight loss by curbing your appetite, reducing blood sugar levels to keep risk for diabetes at bay, and increasing overall energy levels. 354 more words


Down on the farm....

My turkey babies are not babies anymore….

He is just such a handsome boy, isn’t he? They love just love wandering about the farm and eating the greens and picking bits here and there….They are a joy to keep and have really lovely natures…..One got attacked by a dog a while ago but let himself be picked up and his leg cleaned so placidly he is lovely….The dog..banished we cannot have an animal which attacks the other animals…The turkey he is alive and well after his little skirmish and none the worse for wear thank goodness. 354 more words

Wine and Cheese Pairing

l had a few of my coworkers over this summer and I hosted a wine and cheese pairing. Pictured above we had goat cheese that was spread over a toasted crostini and topped with sliced fresh strawberries and balsamic glaze. 75 more words