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Water Polo is back!

Kelowna Drop-in Water Polo at H2O Center is back for the rest of 2016!   We will continue meeting regularly on Wednesday nights at 8:30pm at H2O Center in Kelowna! 9 more words

Drop In Water Polo

Daniel Kirkwood, Waterpolo

After I had heart surgery a few years ago, I couldn’t lift weights at the gym anymore. So I took up swimming for exercise. A friend of mine suggested I join the Sydney Stingers to learn water polo, and I loved it! 86 more words


Cameron Havasi, Waterpolo

I’ve always had a competitive drive. Whilst I may not ever be the best at the sport I’m playing, I have always made it my goal to be the best that I can be in each sport. 113 more words


Joey Miller, Waterpolo

Growing up in a rural NSW town, sporting culture was dominated by an exclusionary and masculine culture. As a result, I never felt comfortable or had the confidence to participate in sport. 118 more words




Varsity dropped a game to Sacred Heart Prep 4-15.

JV lost 3-16.

You’ll get them next time Tigers!


Dylan Vitucci, Waterpolo

The biggest thing about being back in a team sport after so long is how easy it is to get up caught in the game and everything around it. 153 more words


Gary Luther, Waterpolo

I love playing sport, it’s a great way to meet new people stay fit and challenge myself. I joined the stingers because I just moved to Sydney and knew hardly anyone and it instantly gave me a huge group of wonderful mates that I could socialise with both playing sport and outside of it. 68 more words