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What books do you read and read again?

Do you have a ‘go too’ book that you read over and over?  Let us know which book you will pick up again and again.  I have a few books that I keep handy in case I run out of books to read. 156 more words

Norfolks Great Big Read

Eight deadly words

 I don’t care what happens to these people.

The “eight deadly words” were probably not first uttered by writer Dorothy J. Heydt on Usenet in 1991, but she was the first to name them as such. 

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Lab Mice Garden Centre Shocker

Scientists have been using mice to better understand the impact on children of grand-scale exposure to garden centres.

In an ambitious study conducted over the equivalent of a two-week school holiday, a dozen juvenile rodents were released into a clutch of the most prominent ‘day trip’ plant emporiums in East and West Sussex. 541 more words

Mumbo Life

Watership Down, 1978, Martin Rosen

Watership Down has so many thematic textures that I felt this was a good opportunity to mix things up. Rather than review the film based on quality (spoiler alert: I loved it), I have instead isolated a few major themes that I’ll flesh out in detail. 2,736 more words


Brief Encounters: 1978 (The Criterion Collection)

By Darin Skaggs

As I take a look into the year of film of 1978 I thought I would give some brief thoughts on films I will not be writing a review for. 449 more words


5 Memorable Male Characters

I love that contemporary literature is full of strong, empowering female characters who are the heroes of their own stories, not damsels in distress who need saving. 989 more words



My mother likes to say that Good Friday is always stormy and dark, but then the sun comes out for Easter. Well, she didn’t say it this year, because Friday and Saturday were absolutely beautiful, and then the clouds rolled in just in time for church Sunday (although they did go away for most of the afternoon). 1,242 more words

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