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Guest Author: Audrey Driscoll - Weird rabbits...

A while ago it occurred to me that when humans become extinct, unless aliens arrive on Earth to dig up and appreciate our music, art and writing, it will become meaningless. 1,381 more words


Top Ten Sci-fi/Fantasy Conlangs

Constructed languages, or conlangs as they’re called, are a staple in many science fiction and fantasy works. They add a depth to otherwise shallow worlds and a new level of complexity to already deep settings. 972 more words


Totalitarian Rabbits?

I wrote “totalitarian bunnies” but that was just, well, wrong.  Our bunny rabbit friends forgot to bring one major item to the new warren:  female rabbits.   174 more words

Ten Epic Features in Watership Down

Watership Down is one of those books that I read about every two years. I can come back to it again and again. In fact between me and my Dad we read his copy so much that it has pretty much fallen apart. 1,096 more words

Book Bag

Watership Down

I’ve had Watership Down on my bookshelf for thirty-seven years.  I moved it from my parents house, to college, to an apartment, to another apartment, to a house and to another house, because I wanted to read it.   182 more words

"Watership Down" by Richard Adams Review

Watership Down

Author: Richard Adams

Release Date: November 1972

I’ve always wanted to read this book but just now got around to it. I was anticipating something like Mrs. 98 more words

5 Barrels

Why reading books in your own genre is important

I won’t spend too much time on this subject as I like the image to speak for itself but these two books are specific to my journey as a writer. 416 more words

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