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blah blah Top Ten Movies whatever whatever

I seem to be full of these lists lately. At least they’re keeping me writing. Again, I’ve decided to completely junk a previous list rather than revise it. 930 more words

Pop Culture And Its Discontents

The Animation Corner:“Watership Down”


As a kid, I remember being absolutely terrified of this film. Disney likes to set the standard for what is or is not acceptable to inflict upon cute and fuzzy creatures—imprisonment and killing their parents seem to be the most common—but “Watership Down” raises it to an extreme level. 460 more words


Richard Adams' Watership Down

I should have read this book years ago. Maybe even more than 15 years ago, when I was just a kid, for I heard that it had been Adams’ himself saying that this is just a book about rabbits to entertain kids.   299 more words


Match Books Don't Burn Promotion

Attention Kindle users! All of my titles (featured in the sidebar yonder) are now also available as Kindle MatchBooks – deeply discounted (50% to 60%) companion downloads with any paperback purchased via Amazon. 93 more words


My top 10 favourite films

You can never seem to commit to a top 10 favourite list of films I find, there’s always that sneaky one you’ve forgotten about but I’m going to put mine down here as they currently stand. 761 more words

Ep 56 - Little Fuzzy Stalin

It may have taken them longer than a hop from Sandleford to Efrafa, but the Foxes have finally finished Richard Adams’ classic tale of lapine adventure, “Watership Down.” 315 more words