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Year of Important Books: Watership Down, by Richard Adams

This book, published in 1972, will forever be associated with the taste of malted chocolate Easter eggs in my mind. My parents had a tradition of giving us a small gift at Easter, often a book, and happily in Easter of 1975 I found… 1,427 more words


Watership Down - Richard Adams

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a vet. I gave up on that idea once I realised the realities of it, but it was a long-held ambition. 481 more words

Books I've Finished (2016)

Watership Down Characters - Frith


Richard Adams’ Watership Down is perhaps my favorite work of fiction, and is among my favorite authors. I find the book profound in its message of courage and transformation, and even salvation. 431 more words

Speculative Fiction

Watership Down

Never read it before, haven’t watch the movie yet. I’d say, 8.5/10.

For the first half or so I didn’t really liked it. What everyone probably saw there was story about bunch of rabbits searching for new home. 174 more words


One day the Lord will take me home

From time to time I contemplate my own mortality and the inescapable fact that one day my life here will come to an end and I wonder what that will be like. 239 more words


EG: Watership Down and Modern Values

Oh boy, where to begin. I’ll admit that when I saw the news headline saying Watership Down was going to be adapted into a tv miniseries I was not terribly optimistic. 2,136 more words

Evening Gunfire

The Fanbase Weekly: Episode #001

In which we discuss happy geeks, bloody rabbits, the impending tragic demise of Cassini, and convention pirates (which are like space pirates, but less cool).

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