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Review: Richard Adams' 'Watership Down'

It’s not every day that I go in for anthropomorphism, most of the time because I find people writing through animal eyes tend to write animals very much like people. 528 more words

Evaluation Piece: On the Down

Watership Down (1978) is an animated film about rabbits. Sounds like fun and games, right? Not so much; this film has traumatized many children with its violence. 1,843 more words

A Lapin Glossary

The Lapin language is the language of the bunnies in Watership Down. If you’ve never read the books before (or even if you have) this guide will help you out a lot. 406 more words


The Challenge of El-harairah - Watership Down Fan Fiction

This is an awesome fanfic again, by Evan L. Thank you for your story. If you would like to send us your story, send it to us via the contact page. 2,885 more words


‘Watership Down’

Stories involving talking animals are considered juvenile by many, but I love reading them. That’s probably because I love animals and I find them absolutely adorable to read about. 263 more words

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Old School Review: Watership Down

This film put me through so much!

I watched it by accident on a random Sunday and oh my goodness it was emotional. It was like… 213 more words


"Watership Down" (Post 3/3)

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“There’s another place – another country, isn’t there? We go there when we sleep; at other times, too; and when we die.” 2,348 more words

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