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Healing At The Speed of Time

Having children makes time zoom

like the blur when you look out passenger window

from a fast moving vehicle without fixing on one object.

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Of Urban Waterslides: The Ultraslide

If your family wants a 500-foot waterslide experience but would rather not wander out of Metro Manila to do it, the Ultraslide PH is perfect. 472 more words

500 Ft Waterslide

Drink Up Buttercup! The Easy Secret to Great Sex!


No one wants to take a ride down a water-slide without any water—the same applies for that bump and grind between the sheets, because it really is better down where it’s wetter, and it sure as hell makes the ride a lot more fun! 48 more words

Ahoy me hearties

The Park Leisure Centre are pleased to announce the arrival of the swashbucklin’ “Pirate Cove Splash Zone”, set to open at the end of May. 204 more words

Childrens Fitness

Illegal Waterslide in Australia Looks Sketchy Fun

Everything is slightly more fun when you are not supposed to be doing it, that is a scientific fact. 


World's Most Epic Natural Waterslide

Devin Supertramp and friends recently hit New Zealand to take a ride on the world’s most epic natural waterslide.  You would think it would be pretty uncomfortable to ride down that surface bare-skinned, but I guess not.