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Turtling around

I like to have a day off on my birthday.

Being at work kind of spoils the celebration of still being alive because you have to behave professionally, not drink and there is a total ban on swimming cozzies and jumping in the deep end. 1,022 more words

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When walking is better than cycling...

I will almost always prefer to cycle but there’s a lot to be said for walking.

Only by walking do you stumble across interesting bits and pieces hidden away. 624 more words

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A busy day in the Forest of Dean

Busiest day in the Forest of Dean of 2015, according to the lady in the Round Tuit at Mallards Pike as she handed me a hot bacon roll and a polystyrene cup of tea. 600 more words



Just a brief post as I’ve been busy galavanting  in the Land Of My Fathers.
Slightly miraculously for this time of year, the sun has been shining! 67 more words

The longest last day...with added cuttlefish

Well it IS long when you’re long-hauling it across the Atlantic… and so it continues.

Apologies for the enthusiasm. This is making me realise that I still write my diaries as though I’m 12. 674 more words


Deeply dippy - the perfect egg

Multi-Michelin star chef Heston Blumenthal knows his stuff, right?

So his allegedly fool-proof way of perfect soft-boiled eggs the Heston way must work?

Reluctant, though I am to give any credence to a man with the same name as a rather pedestrian motorway service area (oxymoron alert) I thought I’d give it a try. 293 more words

Watery Things

Dude! Where are my rockets?

Somehow, I still haven’t grown out of Bonfire Night. The prospect of hearing and seeing a sky full of colourful explosions is guaranteed to get me outside come rain or shine. 454 more words

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