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Holiday Photos

Of course, when you go on holiday, one of the obligatory things is you take family photos. Enough of this artsy-fartsy stuff already. So here are a few family pics from our trip to the Finger Lakes – Jonathan, my son, and his wife Hayley, and one or two with their friends from New Jersey, Steve and Amelia. 17 more words



Classic BMWs are synonymous with this profile. Perfectly illustrated by a 1973 2002.


Blues Bros., Watkins Glen

Talk about ageing, it’s not just me who’s getting old, it’s our car too – Rob’s car, actually. Mind you, the old Subaru Forester, 1998 model, with over 200,ooo km on the clock, is in better shape than I am, and easier to repair. 551 more words


Our Finger Lakes Fall Favorites

An unusually warm fall has prolonged the leaves from completely changing colors and falling off the branches. This means you can still get your chance to peep the leaves and experience our favorite Finger Lakes Fall activities. 207 more words

Orange Crush

Labor of love: A 1966 Alfa Romeo GTV gets all the attention it deserves.


Air, fuel, spark.

Carburetors and an ignition coil, this 1973 Porsche 911 RS does it the old way.


Watkins Glen and Fingerlakes

The trouble with holidaying in the US is dealing with the folks at the border. Despite his Irish passport, and my Canadian one, my son was pulled over for questioning, and then I was pulled over, and all in all an hour was wasted, completely unnecessarily, by some ill-mannered jackass with nothing better to do than harass perfectly legit visitors to his country. 212 more words