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Andrew Makarov Painted a Cop With Me

Here is history being made in Moscow in 2016. You cannot see me, but I am off to the side, in a little tablet set on a book pile. 227 more words

Rémy Noë Has a Pleasant Dream For Sale

When contacting Quintus Gallery to inquire about this painting (315) 527-4263, please let Kathy or Joe know how much you know about this painter Rémy Noë. 173 more words

Travelog: Niagara Falls

Just arriving to the land of abundant traveling spots and having 4th of July falling on Tuesday with Monday happily sacrificed in the name of long weekend had its merits in the name of prospects of long travel as well as demerits of stressful selection of the traveling destination. 679 more words


No, Virginia, There is No Halloween If Jaroslav Valecka’s Work Does not Soon Vacate the Gallery

After this sentence, I shall not say a damn word about these paintings, but I shall make it a run-on sentence because Valecka’s work is good, very good, and there is not one person who was not moved by it at the opening unless he or she is a liar without a subconscious, so thank you Jaroslav for your practice, your marvelous practice, and someone here must contact Quintus Gallery now at (315) 527-4263 to reserve either one or both of these incredible paintings, viva el Stuckism! 18 more words

Exhibiting Painter, Kari Seid of South Africa, Delivers a Prayer for Stuckists

Please take my advice and close your eyes during the video. A couple came by to talk with me while I was filming the walls, and I forgot to turn off the camera.

Spanish Suicide by Lena Ulanova

Here is a secret and a wink to those who could not make it to Quintus Gallery last Friday night. In the spirit of camaraderie, the painters agreed to mark the prices of their pieces within a predetermined range.  55 more words

Our Opening Went Well as Far as Understatements Go

To captivate and hold captive at least some audience for the opening at Quintus Gallery in Watkins Glen, I contracted a party bus to deliver us. 915 more words