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Tipe Pembaca di Wattpad

Udah hampir setengah tahun gue terjebak dalam dunia oren yang berlambang W ini. Gw bersyukur bisa tahu Wattpad soalnya ini tempat yang cocok buat gue yang hobi ngarang cerita. 759 more words


Advertising as Always

What’s the best way to get people to read your stuff? Advertising of course! So, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. As a fangirl, I write fanfictions whenever I have the time. 45 more words


Handling Feedback (For Writers)

Before we begin with today’s topic, I just want to say thank you for following me! I couldn’t believe it when I saw 636 of you. 752 more words


The Art of Madness outcome

As those who have been following my recent progress may be aware, I’d entered Nyhterides’s The Art of Madness contest.

And I won it.

*cue party poppers and streamers* 198 more words


Tale Tuesday III

I shouldn’t have stormed off alone, I knew that now. It hadn’t hit me back then but I realized now that the place was more huge than what my mind could comprehend. 2,136 more words


Book Critique - Everyday Dragons 

“Everyday Dragons” is a short story written by AmyNotdorft on Wattpad. She also has a blog here on WordPress, amynotdorft.wordpress.com (This isn’t a link you can tap or click on, unfortunately.) 1,198 more words