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'Serious Bunny' Time

Despite the name of my blog, I would like to actually comment on an issue in teen romance books. There is this complex for writers that we must create weak female leads, who are insecure in their appearances, and who don’t think highly of themselves. 411 more words


Refusal to Remain Invisible: Parts Four, Five, and Six now on Wattpad

I have just posted Parts Four, Five, and Six of my next poetry collection, Refusal to Remain Invisible, 37 more words


Novel: Rune Fable - Escalation (in progress)

Blaise must decide his feelings between the woman that is rejecting him and the woman that is enticing him. It’s difficult to be popular sometimes. Even more so when demi-gods decide to use you like a chess pawn. 51 more words


Novel: Rune Fable - Fire & Ice

Blaise is the first person in hundreds of years to be able to craft magical runes of power. In the end, after saving his kingdom from being overthrown, all he wants is a little love and attention 35 more words



I write books on watt pad.

Anyone else.


Wattpad and ugh to first read-throughs

Finished the first read through of THE TRAIN.

I’ll tell you what, I was having such a blast writing that story, I was positive when I read it that angels would start singing, a beam of light would shine from the heavens down on me and gold would spurt out my ears. 355 more words