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Writing again

Hey everyone!

I’m working on a new novel recently, which doesn’t have a name yet. I’m going to be posting teasers here, so be sure to check them out! 94 more words


Indie Or Traditional: The Cost Of Publishing

I’ve been going down the road of licensing the rights to print the lyrics to an old Louis Armstrong song from the 1920s. It’s an interesting set of hurdles, and if you ever want to use lyrics in your book I recommend starting with… 897 more words


Chapter 12 is LIVE

I know it’s taking me a while to write and publish new chapter but I’m realy having a hard time writing the next scenes… there’s so much to tell and to develop that is becoming quite complicated to do everything I want without cloning myself. 297 more words


Chapter 13 Preview - Sleep State

“Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome.” – Issac Asimov

What she witnessed before her eyes erased any mobility from her petite stature. 311 more words


The Story Behind the Song "PETER PAN"

Being a writer is hard, but being a composer is harder. I have experienced writing a story in Wattpad under the name MusicGirl3415. Writing was never been a part of me since before but I just tried it. 856 more words

Writing Tips

Blood Wars ( Dark Sanctuary #3 ) - Lindsey Clarke

Book Description

It's hard work being a myth amongst myths.
Sharing a house with three vampires is problematic enough, but when you accidentally kill one of their kind on the way home one night, you realise the biggest issue is not working out what you're all going to have for dinner.
732 more words

Dark Sanctuary ( Dark Sanctuary #1) - Lindsey Clarke

Book Description

Sarah is a girl with problems. Her house is grey, has no TV and most of her furniture was inherited from the house’s previous owner and smells of lavender.
743 more words