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How Could I Forget That I Had a Blog?

Easy, I keep writing everyone else’s.

Blogging, content writing, reviewing is how I somehow manage to pay the rent each month.  Granted, there are months where that rent squeaks by but in general I’ve been doing this long enough that I am able to pay my bills and that’s not an easy feat in this economy, especially when everyone who owns a laptop describes themselves as bloggers or writers. 298 more words


Writing on the Go

It’s been an exciting start to the year and already I have learned so much more on my writing journey. At the beginning of 2015, I set myself a list of goals, and so far I’m pleased to find I’m on track. 442 more words

Escape Publishing


Creo que a todos nos pasa en algún momento; nos emocionamos mucho un día, tenemos un millón de ideas increíbles, las planificamos a la perfección y a la hora de la verdad, no pasa nada. 503 more words


May Wonders Never Cease to Exist

Although I occasionally write poetry, I don’t make a fuss about it because I so rarely do it.  And because I’m never quite sure if I should call it poetry.  144 more words


Made a temporary trailer!

It took me a good couple hours to make this, but I made it until I can get someone else to make an official trailer for The Ruler, The Fallen, and The Broken

It's Time To Talk About Money

My first paycheck dated back in 2013 when I had a small Youtube channel in Vietnamese and ran Google ads on my videos. I earned £68 for a 220k-view video after a couple of weeks. 678 more words

20 Somethings

Spent the whole day writing yesterday!

I spent from the time I woke up until the time I was ready to go to bed writing The Scientist, The Cure, and The Weapon. 93 more words