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Waukesha County gets preliminary approval to enforce immigration, while Milwaukee County's request is denied

An advisory panel Tuesday recommended approval of Waukesha County’s application to participate in a controversial federal immigration law enforcement program, which can turn sheriff deputies into ICE agents. 23 more words

Winter is Coming

I’m in a quandary, here.  It’s been really, REALLY cold in the mornings.  Too cold to hoof it in to work.

But I miss my walks.  242 more words

Protesters call to prevent Waukesha deputies from acting as ICE agents

Hundreds of protesters joined Voces De La Frontera to gather outside Gov. Scott Walker’s event to announce his re-election bid. Many called on the Waukesha County Sheriff to not allow deputies to act as immigration agents because they are scared for what it could mean to Hispanics in the area. > WDJT Milwaukee

Catching up with New/Old Friends


The other day, I was walking home from work.


I’ve changed my route slightly, to avoid the carnage that used to be my cathedral.  487 more words


Waukesha sheriff seeks to have deputies become part of Trump's immigration force

The ACLU of Wisconsin said the Waukesha County Sheriff has applied to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for some of his deputies to become immigration enforcers.  26 more words

Coloring Within the Lines

I’ve been busy with the little piece of demon-tech I call my phone.  I still maintain having a toler/hate relationship with the plastic bastard…but he does have a bit of charm. 327 more words