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thriving on neglect

What’s not to love? According to Katherine Tracey, certainly not a succulent. Tracey’s mantra, obsession and addiction to succulents was the subject of her… 257 more words


Envisioning Water Gardens

I have been exploring the theme of water gardens in my art work lately. In a previous post I mentioned the  ponds at the New York Botanical Gardens which are spectacular in summer with colorful displays of water lily and lotus. 155 more words


All Overgrowth is Comic

The finished painting! A late September scene from Wave Hill in The Bronx, New York City

I am going to be brief and wish everyone a good weekend. 62 more words


In Progress, part 6

A week’s worth of painting plus a break to attend my gallery show opening

Quick post today to update painting progress done since last weekend. I love that the color palette has changed to include more pinks, reds, oranges, while the water hues deepened and the greens became earthier. 125 more words


In Progress, part 5

Reflections, a rigger brush and anthraquinone blue.

Once the bottom half of this painting is finished I will be able to say that I am a different painter from the one who did the top half. 183 more words


In Progress, part 4

Detail of recent work.

Above is the full-size painting surface. Today I began painting it right-side up. At left is most of the color palette that is being used. 84 more words


In Progress, part 3

Surface covered = 3/8 of the board. Not loving the Aquabord. Pros: it’s easy to remove paint and get back to near white. Cons: need to work very wet for best results, touching a dry edge removes paint. 119 more words