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"Physics and Philosophy" by Werner Heisenberg

The Strange Duality of Nature

Of the inexplicable wave-particle duality of elementary particles, Heisenberg writes:

The two pictures are of course mutually exclusive, because a certain thing cannot at the same time be a particle (i.e., substance confined to a very small volume) and a wave (i.e., a field spread out over a large space), but the two complement each other.

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This Cloud Has A Negative Charge

Hey again, readers! I apologize for the missed post last week. I had a residency for my MFA and I ended up being busier than I thought. 533 more words

C-day Post: Ok Really Now, Can we Figure out What the Hell Light is?

So if you’ve been following my posts on physical constants, no doubt you’ve found an anomaly for things to come. Scientific notation is wonderful for the fact that it allows to write both gigantic and microscopic numbers as single digit numbers multiplied by 10 to the number of zeroes to the right (if positive) or left (if negative) of the number. 1,684 more words

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Wave Particle Duality

What we learnt.

For a lot of us, this was (and continues to remain ) a source of confusion – how can something be both a particle and a wave? 754 more words

Waving (not drowning)

Today it felt as though I received a lesson from the universe and whilst some of this maybe old news to anyone aware of the quantum perspective (and this really is no more than I’ve been playing around with for months now), it was the sheer simplicity of what ‘came through’ in a new wave of understanding that prompted me to share it.  3,228 more words

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Photons are massless, which is why they can move so fast (the speed of light.) This means that they aren’t particles, and that they travel through space, not time. 9 more words



While my computer was updating with Service Pack 2 for Vista, I decided to go for a walk.  I walked to a where there are a couple of ponds.  874 more words

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