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Marine Energy Device Mooring and Foundation Designs

by Cassandra Burgess

The deployment of marine renewable energy (MRE) devices requires new approaches to offshore mooring and foundations. Mooring and foundations are essential components of MRE device structures, enabling a device to remain in one spot while responding to the movement of tides or waves. 500 more words

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Why is the development of wave energy converters so challenging? Part 2: Extracting energy from waves

So, how exactly can we exploit this resource?

The Wave Energy Prize received technical submissions detailing 66 unique WEC concepts.

A very small number of these couldn’t work, but the overwhelming majority were concepts that could exploit, to differing degrees, the fluid motions of water particle motions. 1,100 more words

Wave Energy Prize

Fishing Boat Transformed to Harness Energy from Ocean’s Waves

by Niti Nagar

It might be possible to harness the movement associated with the ocean’s natural waves using docked fishing vessels. Researchers are demonstrating this simple idea is feasible using a demonstration vessel currently docked offshore in Western Norway. 324 more words

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Hawaiian Wave Power

Technologies for solar and wind power are maturing and stabilizing. Innovations will happen; but, the existing technologies suffice. Tidal and wave power have great potential because tides and waves happen throughout the day and night, and because 50% of Americans live within 50 miles of the coasts. 70 more words


Australia Today: Wave power for Australian grid

Newsroom24x7 Desk

BioPower Systems Pty Ltd (BioPower) has finished constructing its prototype wave power unit to be installed off the coast of Port Fairy, Victoria, later this year. 286 more words


Powered by Nature

Entrepreneurship and innovation are critical to the development of any industrial sector. Renewable energy is no different. There are innovators, entrepreneurs and early adopters. Thinking of entrepreneurship in clean tech the first names that we recognise are probably… 162 more words

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