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Armed with Science: The Navy’s Indoor Ocean

As many teams mentioned during the Wave Energy Prize Team Summit in April 2016, the Finalists are incredibly excited to test their 1/20th-scale WEC prototypes at the nation’s premier wave-making facility, the… 50 more words

Wave Energy Prize

Tidal and Wave Power Full of Promise in Scotland

by Erin Larsen

In the northeast-most corner of Scotland sits the future site of the world’s largest array of tidal turbines, undersea windmills turned by the waters. 479 more words


Limpet, Islay, Scotland

Limpet stands for Land Installed Marine Powered Energy Transformer. The Limpet device began operating in 2004, and was the first wave power project in the UK. 238 more words


Renewable Energy Part 2: Water Based Technologies

Last week, the first part of my three-week special on renewable energy focused on wind energy. This week, I take a look at the three main water-based renewable energy technologies: hydro, wave and tidal. 824 more words

Harnessing the ocean: China’s military looks to wave farms to power radar on remote islands as South China Sea disputes simmer

China has been testing one of the largest power-generating machines of its kind in the world with maximum capacity in excess of 200 kilowatts.

Stephen Chen… 825 more words

Marine Energy Device Mooring and Foundation Designs

by Cassandra Burgess

The deployment of marine renewable energy (MRE) devices requires new approaches to offshore mooring and foundations. Mooring and foundations are essential components of MRE device structures, enabling a device to remain in one spot while responding to the movement of tides or waves. 500 more words

Renewable Energy