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Luciana Berger faces down Murdoch's Times over resignation 'stirring'

The Murdoch-owned Times yesterday published an article indicating that a number of worn-out ‘moderates’ may be planning a mass resignation in the misguided belief that their replacement by a more envisioned candidate aligned with the Labour vision that inspired 13 million voters (and rising rapidly, according to the latest polls) to support it. 244 more words

Liverpool Wavertree AGM - almost a clean sweep for the left

The Wavertree constituency in Liverpool is represented by the ‘moderate’ Labour MP Luciana Berger, whom most would not consider by any stretch of the imagination a Corbyn supporter. 293 more words

The State of Labour – the State of our City

Joe Harmer and I after he was selected as our Wavertree Candidate. He and Cllr Carl Cashman our candidate for Regional Mayor are the face of the political future in Liverpool and our City Region… 1,148 more words

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At last a Joe we can all like!!

Joe Harmer. The first of many new and vibrant members of the Liverpool Lib Dems who will be taking seats from Labour on the council. 320 more words

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