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Indiana Sunflowers: Wax Resist

The last project we worked on in Watercolor Plus class was wax resist with watercolor. Wax in the form of crayon or a white candle has always intrigued me for the textural qualities the watercolor artist can get from it. 171 more words


New Student Art: Watercolor Plus Fun!

We just finished our last class of the school year 2014-2015 last night. I save this class until the end each year because it is composed of five different ways to use watercolor with other mediums. 227 more words


Relax and Paint a Happy Little Stream! {Using Gansai Tambi Watercolors!}

Hello Friends! Summer vacation has officially hit the Frugalcrafter’s household…well for the kids, I still have a bit of work I had hoped to have finished before the kids got out of school and doing what would normally take me 15 minutes takes me all day. 377 more words


Dandelions ~ watercolor, wax resist and gouache

“Even in ‘weeds’ you will find sacred geometry. Look at the littlest of things and bask in their beauty.” ~ Red Deer.

While my painting is really of the dandelions that you blow off the stem – the airy white ones – I was outside and saw some jumbo yellow ones. 206 more words


Watercolors: Wax Resists and Masking

A fun thing to do with watercolors is using wax resists and masking tape.
All you need is;
1. A watercolor set
2. white crayon… 178 more words


Watercolor and Wax Resist

This was fun to do. The technique using wax resist in watercolor is similar in concept to batiking. The wax resists the paint and lets the paper show through. 121 more words