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Art: Jack Frost

We used the story Jack Frost by Kazuno Kohara as inspiration for some wax resist art. The children used oil pastel to draw and colour the character of Jack Frost. 36 more words

Senior Infants 2014/2015

Alphabet in the Star Room

The Star Room children learned that all letters and numbers are made out of vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and curved lines. In this lesson, they combined practicing their letters with art! 76 more words

Resisting Wax

This week I have been playing around with the ‘wax resist’ technique mentioned in Resist Normality – Mix It Up. This technique is an easy way to get into creating mixed media artworks. 121 more words


Resist Normality - Mix It Up

Although it seems that most art works are created in one medium and this was seen as the norm from many centuries of art being created in only oil etc, it doesn’t have to be that way. 192 more words

Mastering Art


As part of my current course I am studying indigo, so have decided to run an indigo themed sketchbook alongside it. For some reason I believed a painting a day in January was a good idea…..so here is a link to the blog I have created to collate the images



3 January 2015

Further tree development, this time playing with my new electric tjanting, Father Christmas has been good to me this year on the textiles gadgetry front! Indigo wash over wax sketch.

The sails in the distance

I woke up this new year morning so pumped up to do a watercolour…my favourite medium but also the hardest one for me! And so this is what resulted right after breakfast. 40 more words