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Kenya: Lamu, The Swahili Maulid Town with an International History

Our last stop on our trip to Kenya, lay just off its coast. The Lamu Archipelago, a group of small islands, are situated 350km from Mombasa and bear the traces of a varied historical and cultural past. 814 more words


Kenya: 3 Reasons Every Vegan Should Visit Nairobi

The Kenyan capital of Nairobi offers travelers wildlife, arts and culture, and a vibrant vegan scene all within city limits.

If you’re in Kenya and have only a day to spare, make it a day in Nairobi, where visitors can enjoy the world’s only wildlife reserve within a city while having lunch with orphaned elephants and endangered giraffes. 673 more words


Visiting Kenya As a Muslim Vegan Family

Muslims are increasingly adhering to plant-based diets for a variety of reasons inclusive of health benefits, environmental preservation, and concern for animal welfare. But vegan or not, all Muslims share the responsibility of treading lightly on the earth while maintaining the sanctity of Allah’s creation, both human and non-human. 645 more words


Precious Oman

In the last forty years, Oman has both redefined and rebirthed itself. This unique gem of the Arabian Peninsula has become a premier tourist destination that embodies sophistication and class, while maintaining authenticity and sustainability. 949 more words


Safari, Sanctuary, & Sea: My Week in Kenya Part II

Following our two-night stay in Nairobi, it was time to head eastward to Mombasa in order to reunite with dear friends we met in our Middle Eastern travels eight years prior. 753 more words


Safari, Sanctuary, and Sea: My Week in Kenya Part I

My vegan children have never been to a zoo or animal park. It was one of those parenting decisions that my husband and I made early and had no intent on renegotiating. 511 more words