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Cat Girl Without Salad ~Amuse-Bouche~ Review

Cat Girl Without Salad originated as an “April Fools joke” back in 2013, with developer WayForward claiming the game will be every genre under the sun, and come out for every system possible in fall of that year.   999 more words

Video Game Review

A Boy and His Blob Review

This year has not been marvelous in regards to the games I’ve played.  Most have been pretty average so, far, which is unfortunate since I try to curate my list of games to play to contain games that are generally well received.   962 more words

Video Game Review

A Boy and his Blob [Wii] Review

Originally released on the NES and written by industry legend David Crane, A Boy and his Blob was re-imagined (usually a dreadful word) a couple of years ago for the Wii. 1,160 more words

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Мальчик и его Капля / A Boy and His Blob (2009)

глава разработки: Шон Веласко
разработчик: WayForward Technologies
издатель: Majesco Entertainment
страна: США
Оценка: 7/10

Обними его покрепче

Если говорить о лучших играх для всей семьи, сосредотачивающихся на дружбе и детской невинности, то и по сей день A Boy and His Blob 2009 года выпуска остаётся в их списке. 7 more words

Film Review

Do A Little Dance - Game Boy Color - Shantae - 2002


Game Boy Color

WayForward Technologies

© 2002

Genre: Action RPG Platformer

When I look back on games that I’ve played throughout the years, one thing that is sorely lacking, oftentimes, is a female protagonist (something which actually made my younger sister considerably less interested in videogames, I discovered recently).   942 more words