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Can You Do Anything?

I like a lot of what Wayne Dyer has to say and have tremendous respect for Hay House, this is not a personal hack job.  I have been quite outspoken about the dangers of New Age which should prompt the same levels of discernment we exercise with anything, especially religions.   189 more words

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Dream Weaver 1.6



Last night I dreamed I was staying in a hotel for some sort of library event (I’m a librarian). For part of it, a colleague and I were raising money for the library. 868 more words


Touchstone - Thought Modeling

28 August 2015

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking.  It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.  ~ Albert Einstein…

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The Significance of Messy

My house is messy right now.  There is not a room that is not effected.  I used to beat myself up over a messy house; I’ve been severely criticized for having a messy house.   579 more words

[New Sunday Sentiment] What People Think or Say About You Is Not Your Business.

“What other people think about me is none of my business.” Dr. Wayne Dwyer

Each Sunday I try to spend me time. Quiet, reflective, me time. 915 more words

"Don't Die Wondering!" Did you hear that?

I am a great fan of Dr. Wayne Dwyer and have read all of his books. I love reading anything inspirational. Most recently I read his book, Inspiration. 824 more words