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The Significance of Messy

My house is messy right now.  There is not a room that is not effected.  I used to beat myself up over a messy house; I’ve been severely criticized for having a messy house.   579 more words

[New Sunday Sentiment] What People Think or Say About You Is Not Your Business.

“What other people think about me is none of my business.” Dr. Wayne Dwyer

Each Sunday I try to spend me time. Quiet, reflective, me time. 915 more words

"Don't Die Wondering!" Did you hear that?

I am a great fan of Dr. Wayne Dwyer and have read all of his books. I love reading anything inspirational. Most recently I read his book, Inspiration. 824 more words


Law of Attraction or Law of Distraction

So you’ve watched AND/OR read, “The Secret,” and know it pretty intimately by now. You’ve sat glued to your seat watching Tony Robbins “fix” yet another confused and forlorn soul in his workshops. 412 more words

Women And Men

Karma and all that jazz

My favourite saying at the moment is this:

“How people behave to you is their karma, how you respond to them is yours”

Dr Wayne Dwyer… 239 more words


Jeff Goins on his critics

Jeff Goins wrote in his newsletter recently,

The problem with “too much” is it’s not enough. Not for some people.

Too much tweeting, too much talking, too much selling — these are all subjective, determined by someone else’s preference and worldview. 407 more words

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