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The Self-Actualized Person

Portrait of a Person Who Has Eliminated All Erroneous Zones

After reading through this chapter three times I am convinced that it is the most important chapter in Your Erroneous Zones. 1,133 more words

Self-Help Experiment

Happy Song List 11/02/2016 =

My play lists that I have started adding are literally the first 3 songs that come up on my smart phone when I flip that little flippy thing you can do from the bottom of the screen and I press play and see what comes up. 188 more words

Just Me Rambling

When Life Beats You Up!

Sometimes life hits you upside the head and you are left defenseless.  Sometimes life takes your breath away and it’s all you can do to get out of bed in the morning.  1,018 more words

Mysterious Flow

Farewell to Anger: Chapter in Review

Anger is not an inherent characteristic of being human.

Expectations are often the root of our misery.

Anger never brings healthy resolution to our problems. 29 more words

Self-Help Experiment

My First Blog Post..

I sit here at my laptop trying to figure out what profound topic I wish to write about on my very first blog entry. I want to seem intelligent and honestly I am slightly frightened because I cannot come up with a single topic… like the worst brain fart ever! 31 more words

The Folly of Fury: Part Three

Yesterday I was talking to my eight year old nephew and he was telling me how he gets so mad when people call him a shortened version of his name or a nickname. 666 more words

Self-Help Experiment

Mindset - You Can Choose Peace

Learn about mindset and how you can choose peace regardless of whatever is happening outside of you.

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