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Impulse (1998) - #33 : Wayne Faucher, Craig Rousseau

“Time Out” : “Barts school counselor notes that he has no birth certificate or other such documents; Bart schemes to capture White Lightning.”

Comic Books

Adventures of Superman 643 - dealing with it

The Aftermath to Sacrifice takes up Adventures of Superman 643 (Oct. 05), by Rucka, Carlos D’Anda, Kerschl, Morales, Smith and Wayne Faucher.

Wonder Woman has murdered Maxwell Lord, to prevent him from controlling Superman any further.  111 more words

Action 893 - Grodd eats Luthor, and Jimmy Olsen begins

Cornell is joined by Sean Chen and Wayne Faucher as Luthor faces off against Grodd in Action 893 (Nov. 10).

Grodd has now taken to consuming human brains, ingesting and absorbing their knowledge.  249 more words

Detective 834 - Batman and Zatanna vs the Joker

Dini, Kramer and Faucher conclude their 2-part Batman/Zatanna team-up in Detective 834 (Sept. 07).

Batman breaks free of his electrified chair, and finds Zatanna not as wounded as he thought.  240 more words

Detective 833 - Bruce Wayne meets Zatanna

Dini, Kramer and Faucher are back, bringing Zatanna with them in Detective 833 (Aug. 07).

The story deals with Loxias, the evil magician who has caused problems for the Penguin a few issue ago.  195 more words

Detective 831 - Harley Quinn's secret friend

Dini, Kramer and Faucher return, and give the spotlight to Harley Quinn in Detective 831 (June 2007).

The story opens with a hearing at Arkham, to determine if Harley should be released.  221 more words

Detective 828 - Batman and the Riddler on the case

Dini, Kramer and Faucher return on Detective 828 (April 2007), as the Batman and Riddler work on the same case.

Matthew Akins, Bruce’s friend from the first story of Dini’s run, returns in this tale, running into Bruce Wayne at a costume party aboard a yacht.  188 more words