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Thanksgiving Day Trippin’, Yeah!

At no time of year does it become more apparent that Americans are a people who enjoy their freedom of choice than on Thanksgiving Day. Aside from those vegans and vegetarians who will opt for… 812 more words

My Response To Colion Noir: Guns Don't Make You Free.

I knew that something had been posted about me on the internet when I started to receive a more-than-usual number of emails which began with ‘Dear Mike Rat-Ass,’ or ‘Hello Mike You Jerk,’ and other bright and cheery salutations.  649 more words


Want To Know The NRA's Election Strategy? Here It Is.

Now that the 2nd Amendment has become an issue in the looming 2016 Presidential campaign, it was just a matter of time until the NRA got its own campaign playbook together and started adding its voice to the political fray.  636 more words


Responding To Mass Shootings Has Nothing To Do With 'Gun-Free' Zones.

What are we going to do about mass, public shootings which not only exact a terrible physical and psychic toll on our society, but also appear to be on the rise?  631 more words


Clash of the Titans

Last week, the five Democratic candidates running for the 2016 presidential election (CNN also had an open podium backstage on standby for Vice President Biden) took the stage for their first… 952 more words


Seeking Revenue, Rutgers Signs Endorsement Deal with the NRA

BY Rebellious John Clayton

PISCATAWAY, NJ  While the move to join the Big Ten conference will eventually pay dividends for Rutgers both on and off the field, the athletics department in Piscataway is currently running the largest budget deficit in the entire country. 538 more words

Rutgers University

"These Things Happen From Time To Time": At Least 43 Instances This Year Of Somebody Being Shot By A Toddler 3 Or Younger

I don’t want to sound like some kind of weeny liberal nag, but I’m having trouble understanding how we’re supposed to use our guns in these cases to act like the good guys who are getting… 476 more words