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Irresponsible Gun Nut starts huge California fire

California Detwiler fire caused by gun nut

The Detwiler fire in Mariposa, California burned 82,000 acres and is finally 97% contained. It destroyed 131 structures including 63 homes and 67 other types like barns and one commercial business. 692 more words

Wayne LaPierre

NRA desperate to sell more guns

Gun sales down-NRA terrified

When gun sales go down, gun manufacturers are unhappy and that means they are less likely to pour more money into Wayne LaPierre’s pocket and the coffers of the National Rifle Assn, (NRA). 685 more words

Wayne LaPierre

Pregnant woman shot at party, loses baby to gun violence

It happened about a week ago in a Cincinnati suburb and rated limited news coverage, as usual, due to the idiocy raging in both the White House and the U.S. 682 more words

Wayne LaPierre

How much gun violence can we expect July 4?

On Chicago’s last Independence day there were only 66 people shot; I say “only” because it was the lowest in almost a decade. But already this July 4, weekend, 39 have been shot and four are dead. 637 more words

Wayne LaPierre

Guns keep killing while NRA promotes violence with new TV ad

As a discombobulated Republican Congress tries to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a piece of shit–that’s with 53% of the American public wanting to keep the ACA–a large group in their party is clamoring to cancel the August recess because, … 707 more words

Wayne LaPierre

EMERGENCY: Look at recent gun violence

This Saturday posting is due to the recent amount of gun violence that is completely out of hand and no longer acceptable. Here is the appalling documentation… 140 more words

Wayne LaPierre

Chilling NRA Video Promotes Lies, Hate & Violence (VIDEO)

This latest ad from the NRA makes it official:  The National Rifle Association is no longer simply a lobbying organization for gun owners or the gun industry, the NRA is a White-Nationalist-Political organization. 190 more words