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They'll Do It Every Time: CDC Gun Research Gets Defunded Again.

“Listen, the CDC is there to look at diseases that need to be dealt with to protect the public health. I’m sorry, but a gun is not a disease. 658 more words


Now That Gay Marriage Is The Law, Shouldn't The Same Reasoning Apply To Folks Who Want To Carry A Gun?

In response to one of the most important social issues ever decided by the Supreme Court, the pro-gun community has begun an all-out campaign to get themselves next in line to benefit from the idea that no state law can restrict what is a Constitutional right.  626 more words


FLASHBACK: (VIDEO) NRA’s Wayne LePierre Calls For "The Next President To Be A White Man"

That kind of rhetoric is irresponsible and dangerous…as we have seen far too often.  Rest assured the rhetoric will be repeated ad infinitum  in some right wing circles…in the aftermath of the Charleston church horror. 422 more words

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NRA: Charleston shooting was a “terrorist attack”

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has released a statement calling the shooting in Charleston, South Carolina where Dylann Roof killed 9 black people in a church a “terrorist attack.” 184 more words


June 12, 1349: If You Outlaw Bows and Arrows . . .

In a letter dated June 12, 1349, England’s King Edward III wrote how the people of his realm, both rich and poor, had in previous times exercised their skill at shooting arrows and how that practice had brought honor and profit to the kingdom. 202 more words

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Way To Go Wayne

“Shoot ‘Em Up” Wayne Lapierre president of the NRA ( No Restraints Acceptable ) is rumored to have a solution to the bullying problem facing the public schools in the United States  In a proposed plan soon to be announced the National Rifle Association will endorse arming all children who are or were bullied with concealed weapons If the price of a fire arm is out of the reach of the parents of a bullied child the NRA will step in and provide said weapon along with fourteen boxes of live ammunition to that family As Wayne Lapierre has been rumored to have said “We are taking a lesson from our colonial forefathers who stood up against the bullying rule of the British monarchy We will kill every last bully in the U.S. 25 more words



May 14, 2015  By Jack Jodell.

I recently received a “FINAL NOTICE – REPLY MUST BE RECEIVED WITHIN 30 DAYS!” unsolicited 3 page letter from… 1,101 more words