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(N)o (R)ational (A)rguments

With Wayne LaPierre popping up in the news again, it seemed like a good time to remind people why they should not listen to the NRA. 340 more words



LaPierre says no rifle ammo safe from president’s pen

.223-caliber “green-tipped” ammunition, also known as the M855 ball ammunition.

In a Fox News interview with Lou Dobbs, NRA President Wayne LaPierre blasted President Obama as “acting like a dictator” in his push to ban the ammunition for America’s most popular sporting rifle, the AR-15. 268 more words


Want To Get Shot With Your Own Gun? Carry It Concealed.

Back in the 1990s, when middle-class America started being obsessed with personal security, the National Rifle Association began promoting the idea that everyone except the most deranged among us should own a gun because it was the best and most affordable way to protect ourselves against crime.  649 more words


Wayne LaPierre: When Prosecution Is Persecution

This is from The Daily Caller.

The anti gun crowd cannot get their microscopic brains wrapped around the wording of the Second Amendment

They do not want the average American armed yet they live in gated communities with armed guards and have a security detail of armed men to protect them. 1,089 more words

Wayne LaPierre talks 2016

(NRA), had a lot to say during a November 6th appearance on the Cam & Company radio show.

LaPierre said the 2016 election would be the “fight of our lives”. 62 more words


Welcome to the NRA News Network

Hello, my name is Wayne LaPierre and I am the face of the NRA.

This country is increasingly out of control, and I’ve come to realize that the only people that understand what is going on, and the only people qualified to make the decisions are middle-aged white men with a fair amount of money. 309 more words