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Decrease in Public Safety: Another Part of the Trump Effect

In 2015 there were more mass shootings in the United States than days on the calendar. A large majority of the American people have expressed their belief in comprehensive background checks for all gun purchases; banning the sale of assault rifles and high-output magazines; and forbidding gun sales to any suspected terrorists on the “no-fly list.” Under a Trump presidency, and the control of both houses of congress by Republicans, none of that is likely to happen. 489 more words

"Ramon Casiano": Harlon Carter and the Perversion of the 2nd Amendment

“Ramon Casiano” is the song that opens the Drive By Trucker’s “American Band” album, one of this year’s greatest and most timely albums (second only to Beyonce’s “Lemonade”). 1,389 more words


ISIS Opens New Theme Park

ISIS is diversifying. Hobbled by mounting losses on the battlefield, the terrorist organization took to Facebook today to announce the opening of The ISIS Experience, a new theme park billed as a “dude ranch for terrorists.” And, in a sign of their growing business acumen, ISIS touted their partnership with the National Rifle Association, which will handle the park’s gun and ammo concession. 157 more words

Wayne LaPierre

NRA Identifies New Challenges

Wayne LaPierre, the spokesman for the National Rifle Association, in a blistering speech yesterday took on one of the most dangerous challenges to freedom in the USA. 192 more words


Let's Stop Worrying About The 2nd Amendment And Start Worrying About Ending Gun Violence.

I’m not sure whether it’s Donald Trump or Wayne LaPierre who is more convinced that Hillary is an enemy of the 2nd Amendment, but I get emails from both of them on a daily basis asking for money to keep her from moving into the Oval Office at High Noon on January 20, 2017. 614 more words



During the past few years,, the NRA has opposed any and all sensible gun control laws that even 80% of their own member approve. 1,004 more words