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"Let the meaning choose the word and not the other way around" George Orwell

Listening to Stephen Conroy an AM this morning, I reflected how far we’ve come since Kevin Rudd said “….loud and clear that this sort of reckless spending must stop”. 158 more words

Big Labor Spend-Up From Empty Coffers On Gonski, NDIS

JUST IN TIME for an election at which bribes, fear, empty populism and reckless irresponsibility collectively offer its only viable path to victory, Labor has wheeled out a stunning double whammy of almost $100bn in uncosted, unfunded promises and the arrant stupidity of its pious, self-important, utterly useless former Treasurer Wayne Swan to sell them. 2,758 more words

Wayne Swan: Tax avoidance impoverishes us all. Fighting it requires challenging the powerful | Opinion | The Guardian

There must be a debate about the ethics of tax avoidance and evasion. Board members who approve this behaviour should be forced to answer for it… 17 more words


No, Labor Did Not Make "Progress" In Government

RESIGNING her seat ahead of the 2016 election, Anna Burke — in a jab at Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull — cited “progress” made by Labor; Australia is poorer, in more debt, more divided and less civil after the Rudd-Gillard years: issues mishandled, unions put above the national interest, and money flung at whatever might buy votes. 2,531 more words

Perpetuating Uselessness: Chris Bowen Channels Wayne Swan

AS BILL SHORTEN — rattled by Malcolm Turnbull’s ascension — injects panic into his spiteful, deceitful political “narrative,” shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen has opened a new front in Labor’s quest for power, avowing himself “a Keynesian” and eulogising the self-important but essentially useless Wayne Swan. 1,866 more words

Australia’s “Black Swan Moment”

From Wolf Street, by Lindsay David, October 1, 2015

“The result of Libs talking down Oz Economy.”

By Lindsay David, Australia, author of Print: The Central Bankers Bubble… 498 more words


Under Rudd, Gillard, Swan & Tanner, Labor Saved Australia During The GFC

Australia survived the GFC because the Labor party was in power at the time with the right people in charge. Ken Henry says Rudd was better prepared for GFC than any other leader in the world. 379 more words

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