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Controversy has raged around the five million dollars in salary and bonuses paid to the Chief Executive of Australia Post and the ridiculous manner in which those who were responsible tried to hide their stupidity. 848 more words


MYEFO: Labor Must Pull Its Head In - And Get Out Of The Way

TREASURER Scott Morrison’s Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook shows falling revenues and rising debt, but Australia will keep its AAA credit rating despite recession risks; the Coalition may be too tactically inept to hold the ALP to account for damage it caused in office and now perpetuates through Senate obstruction, but unless its aim is to win power in Australia by first wrecking it, Labor must pull its head in, and let the government govern. 1,417 more words

Media Release: Double the Good, By Having a Burrito and a Beer

Two great companies doing a stellar job to make the world a better place have teamed up. The launch is going to be across the road from where I work as well! 367 more words


Libs Better Off In Opposition Than Minority Government

AS FALLOUT from Saturday’s election continues — and with counting set to resume — the prospect the Coalition will lose its majority in the House of Representatives is growing; with an even less hospitable Senate than the one dissolved before the election, a leader whose authority has been obliterated, and considering history, the Liberal Party would be better served going into opposition than trying to survive the quagmire of minority government. 2,593 more words

Class War? Enter Wayne Swan, Shorten's Ancient, Ugly, Trusty Crony

LABOR’S UGLY crusade against success and enterprise took an equally ugly turn on Tuesday, as ex-Treasurer and self-important toad Wayne Swan entered the mix; Swan’s — like the “ancient, ugly, trusty crony” in Burns’ … 2,089 more words

"Black Hole" Or Not, Labor Simply Can't Manage Money

THE INTERNECINE brawl over whether the ALP has a “black hole” in its policy costings — and if so, how big it is — represents a cynical, over-used (and abused) feature of elections in this country; even so, for all but three of the past 30 years, Labor has never delivered a balanced federal budget: and its record of debt accrual at both state and federal levels is unrivalled. 1,543 more words