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Problems With Life?

5 Must Haves in Life

Maybe this post will be like very cheesy, and perhaps you’ve heard this from a psychologist or a friend. Anyway, this post it’s just me. 438 more words


New Year, New Me

Three Ways to Help You Achieve Your New You

I know this title is something that we read or watched throughout Blogs and YouTube, but I want to make tradition and write my own post of “New Year, New Me”. 533 more words


5 Things to Do During an Outage

I’ve been lately having a lot of outages in my neighborhood, and we know that now in society we live through the constant internet or as we all call it (usually this generation and people from 20-25 years-old approximately) as the Wi-fi. 590 more words


Sometimes Life Is Hard

Sometimes life is just hard. My heart has been full of sadness for some of my friends and family lately. I cannot tell you how many of them have been going through crisis mode.  581 more words



Do you ever wonder why there are so many problems in the world?  Why there are so many animals going extinct, so much pollution, so much destruction?  148 more words


They're Quite Lovely, Most Batterers

They’re quite lovely, most batterers.

Lovely at home, too.

Until they’re not.

- From Jane Eaton Hamilton’s Never Say I Didn’t Bring You Flowers

Call for Submissions on Relationship Violence for Forthcoming Anthology…

213 more words
Ways To Help

Elephant Sanctuary in...Tennessee?

Elephants in Tennessee? Yes, it’s true. Some fine and resourceful folks have acquired acreage there to create a sanctuary for rescued elephants. Tennessee is the state of my birth, incidentally. 173 more words