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The Willful Climb of Tichi-Huichi

So recently a new expansion for Imperial Settlers finally came out for us non-convention hopping American consumers. Maybe you’ve heard of those Aztecs with their fancy feather head-bands and push yer luck mechanics? 1,184 more words

First Impressions

Dishonored leaves the player a lot of choices, the first and foremost being whether to play it stealthy and (mostly) non-lethal on Low Chaos or to go in guns blazing and with a lot of casualties on High Chaos.

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100 ways to play! (in the real world) - Part 1-10

Students often ask me, “Cam, this class is all great and fun, playing zombies and passing around imaginary balls, but how do you apply this in the real world? 1,020 more words

Improv Anxiety Class