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100 ways to play (in the real world) - Animal Edition!

Couldn’t do a list of ways to play without checking in with the experts. They make it look so natural.

51) You otter learn how to play! 222 more words

Dishonored leaves the player a lot of choices, the first and foremost being whether to play it stealthy and (mostly) non-lethal on Low Chaos or to go in guns blazing and with a lot of casualties on High Chaos.

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100 ways to play (in the real world) - Holiday Edition!

Ho, ho, hope these help make this time of year a little more fun. This post is a bit different in that it’s not exactly ways to play, but how to play in those somewhat stressful holiday situations where you might not be playing. 1,094 more words

100 Ways to Play (in the real world) - Part 31-40

Am I just going to keep going with my silly play list, and not acknowledge the joke-goes-here in the White House? Turns out yes. Not ’cause I’m ignoring it, or turning a blind eye, but because I genuinely think positivity is still really important to put out into the world. 1,004 more words

100 Ways to Play! (In the real world) - Part 11-20.

I guess you knew more of these were coming, cause, well, I said a hundred, then only posted ten. So yep, here’s more.

Main thing to keep in mind as you read the list, and do the list, is that just trying them will put you in a feeling of play. 1,118 more words

100 ways to play! (in the real world) - Part 1-10

Students often ask me, “Cam, this class is all great and fun, playing zombies and passing around imaginary balls, but how do you apply this in the real world? 1,020 more words

* Go Play! Sign Ups Are Here!

I just signed up for the fun of it!  After my yucky summer, I look forward to playing and maybe winning a prize, while I’m at it!   51 more words

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