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Makeover Guide From Runescape


One of the more interesting features of RuneScape is the ability to give your character a makeover. If you decide that you would rather like a new set of clothes, a different haircut or a better tan, the good people of… 909 more words

Runescape Guide

What happens when my character dies from Runescape

Runescape Gielinor isn’t all rolling pastures and cosy woods, as Lumbridge might have you believe: there are dungeons with streams of magma, tall peaks populated by wolves, the vampyre-ruled lands of Morytania, the Wilderness, and many more dangers besides. 511 more words

Runescape Guide

All Players are Created Equal, except for Tim who is a Wizard

As it rains endlessly outside I sit indoors giving the hairy eyeball to the open bag of Turtle Chex Mix Megan has tossed onto my lap. 751 more words

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Open Hand versus Closed Fist: Is there too much Violence in my List?

I do not consider myself a violent person, but early on after building my Challenge List I took note on how many of my games involved some form of combat or violence. 1,381 more words

Board Games

Comedy or Trajan-y

This past weekend Megan and I headed over to our friends’ house for a day of gaming. I brought my crate of some of my List games and a couple others, but we came down to play one specific game in particular. 880 more words

Board Games

A Summer Outdoors

School’s out and Summer is upon us!
We know a fun way to keep your little ones busy outside in nature while engaging their young minds. 841 more words

Willamette Valley

Adventures in Sunset and Starker Arts Park

Situated in Southwest Corvallis is a 30 plus acres spread of beautiful land named Sunset Park /Denawi Creek and Bruce Starker Arts Park. The two parks are adjacent to each other and so close to each other that I actually mistook them for one park.   773 more words

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