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3 ways to save money as a new parent

3 ways to save money as a new parent

Saving money has always been a priority for us, even before the baby. My husband and I are saving money by making good purchasing decisions. 294 more words

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52 Week Savings Challenge: What if I don't have any money to save?

What if you don’t have any money to save? It’s frustrating when you want to build up a stash of cash but never seem to have the money to put aside. 1,581 more words


52 Week Savings Challenge: Why Bother to Save Ca$h When I Can Only $ta$h a Little?

If you’re following along with the 52 Week Savings Challenge and trying to $ta$h $ome Ca$h, but are frustrated by the seemingly slow progress from only saving a few dollars each week, it can be easy to think, “Why Bother? 1,034 more words

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52 Week Savings Challenge: Will skipping my daily latte make me a millionaire?

I recently read an article in which the author, a millionaire, said that skipping your daily latte wouldn’t make you a millionaire. He talked about saving up $100,000 and then investing (his favorite is apparently multi-family real estate) to get really wealthy. 672 more words


New Year's Goals: Stash Some Cash!

It seems like some New Year’s Resolutions are universal. Getting out of debt and saving money often top the list, or perhaps take a close second behind losing weight. 1,132 more words


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As a mother to an energetic and lively 4 year old, as well as attending college part-time, I’m constantly on the look out to save money, try new products and share my opinion on the products I’ve had float through my letter box. 478 more words

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Ways to Save - Textbooks

Clark.com | 10.18.2016

Before we start, let’s gather facts.

According to College Board, the average annual cost of public out-of-state tuition is $23,893 (2015-2016 school year) and… 412 more words