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3 Ways to Save $100 a Month off the Family Budget

What would it mean to your financial picture to have an extra $100 each month in your bank account? You could pay down your high interest credit cards, start a savings account or begin investing. 560 more words

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Baby List - Splurge or Skimp?

Hey there! As I was shopping at Target for some stuff for Andie the other day, I was thinking to myself how we have learned a LOT in the last 7 months. 1,546 more words

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How I Saved One-Third of My Paycheck Each Month While Making Less Than $30K

Ever hear people talk about saving a percentage of their income every year and think that they must make a lot of money to be able to save like that? 2,842 more words

Trimming the fat

At the end of 2017, on top of the fact that it was Christmas time in the city, we were hit pretty hard with some BIG expenses. 667 more words

5 ways to eat for less in Europe

Traveling on a budget? With a little planning, you can save money on meals and treat yourself to new experiences — the best of both worlds. 264 more words

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5 tips for traveling on a shoestring budget

Whether you’re traveling to another continent, another county or just a different part of the city, save money with these easy tips.

  1. Try Kayak Explore…
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6 Tips to Debt Proof your Life this Holiday Shopping Season

The holiday shopping season is here and with it, its inevitable companion, debt!  Who doesn’t overspend during the holidays?  Does it make it any better if that overspending is to the benefit of another? 791 more words

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