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Aikido is total movement

There is much to learn in a beginner’s class and one very common way to help beginners to learn Aikido is to break down one single waza into steps. 527 more words

Everything Else In Between


I managed to do this waza repeatedly today, without putting my sword through my sleeve again.

I consider that progress.

That starting position is called tate hiza – hiza is knee. 31 more words


Transição e Conexão entre Técnica Clássica e Aplicação Moderna (por Duncan Stewart)

Se está treinando corretamente, a transição e a conexão entre waza clássica (N.T.: “técnica clássica”) e sua aplicação moderna, deve acontecer naturalmente.

Se não, questione o seu método e o sentimento por trás da sua prática no dojo. 590 more words



This is absolutely my favourite waza to watch done by others

… it is not so much fun doing it myself

… especially not when both of your palms are bruised, and several muscles stiff, because you tripped on a piece of sidewalk the night before your class, in front of a Presbyterian church (the lovely cakey looking one on James St. 169 more words



Well, I need a new keikogi… because when I was practising this waza in class today, I put my sword right through the sleeve.


Variables in Swift

Like many languages, Swift has its variables and constants. Swift offers a REPL like environment called Playground, which I have been using to learn more about the language. 197 more words



I also learned how to strike down three annoying people at one go. Look out, world. I work in a call centre. You can imagine how handy this will be.