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Jhb-dieretuin 'bring skande oor Afrika'

Gepubliseer in Beeld 14 Oktober 2014,

Die Suid-Afrikaanse dieretuin (Johannesburg dieretuin) is geskors van die Pan-Afrika-vereniging vir dieretuine en akwariums (Paaza) asook die Wêreldvereniging van Dieretuine en Akwariums (Waza) nadat die verenigings verslae ontvang het aangaande die dood van agt eksotiese sitatoengabokke (waterkoedoes) wat vir die dieretuin bestem was. 45 more words

Newspaper Clippings

Animals in Captivity: Vital Conservation or Public Amusement?

This month, Andrew Moss, a social science research officer at Chester Zoo, gave an interesting talk on the importance of zoos regarding conservation efforts:

“Zoos, Conservation and the United Nations: What’s the Link?” 578 more words


How To Perform Waza One

My disclaimer: For demonstration purposes I refer to human body parts and how a sword might be used in a battle scenario but this is only for examples, I do not recommend or promote the use of a sword steel or wood on any human beings or animals. 723 more words


Risso's Dolphins are First Victims of Taiji "The Cove" Dolphin Hunting Season 2014

By Kirsten Massebeau

The string of “blue cove days” ended September 16, 2014 as an innocent pod of Risso’s dolphins was driven into a remote cove in a state park in Taiji, Japan where a handful of men captured, and then slaughtered the entire pod. 391 more words


The alphabet of Kenjutsu

A personal experience allows me to make this analogy that I have not found it anywhere so far:

kihon is like alphabet – with clear and ample movements, with attention to detail. 200 more words


For understanding the essence

If you remove everything that involved arrogance, envy or hate, and if you never treat with disrespect all other creatures and nature, you could understand the essence. 74 more words


The idea of ​​Kenjutsu today

I don’t think that in the present context anyone can talk about a general truth that can be applied in all martial arts.

from a scientific point of view, it is more accurate to put in question their own truth, their origin, the transformations and how that was perceived in different eras. 186 more words