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Apr 2014 (Vol:4, Issue:12) --- 7th Sepcial Edition "Halul Mushkilaat NUMBER"

12th issue of Volume 4 of Monthly Khazina-e-Ruhaniyaat, Lahore, Pakistan.  7th Special Issue on topic “Hal-ul-Mushkilaat”. Collection of Wazaifs suggested by Aulia-e-Karam, Molana & Muftian-e-Karam, Aamileen Kamileen.  131 more words

A View on Wazā’if

Over the months I have been on twitter, I have come across many tweets by a few ‘Ulamā encouraging the use of ‘wazā’if’ for different purposes, as well as some which could lead to one having the honour of seeing the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم in their dreams. 858 more words


Ayat ash-Shifa (Six Quranic Verses of Healing)

Six Quranic Verses of Healing: Ayate Shifa

وَيَشْفِ صُدُورَ قَوْمٍ مُّؤْمِنِينَ

wa yashfi sudoora qawmin mumineena
And shall heal the breast of the believers. (at-Tawba, 9:14) 156 more words