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Writer's Block #31

The first Writer’s Block of 2017 has arrived! It brings you a variety of beautiful pieces: poetry, interviews, short stories, reviews and essays. Click on the cover below to discover this newest delight! 21 more words

Writer's Block Magazine

6 major differences that the Harry Potter movies got wrong from the books

“A franchise as popular as Harry Potter comes once in a lifetime. The films have been major money makers and vastly popular but there are some things that they missed or changed from the books.” 625 more words


a few profiles for the trip

k– 1: exceedingly like SS in his external, no nonsense, hyper self-assurance and rugged, blunt approach and focus on people. I really can’t describe it. 184 more words

Vì Trump, Ngân hàng Thế giới hạ dự báo tăng trưởng toàn cầu

Nhận định có phần u ám mà WB đưa ra trái ngược với cách nhìn nhận của nhiều người Mỹ đối với Trump…

Tổng thống đắc cử của Mỹ Donald Trump. 1,172 more words

there are no more moments alone

and when the time comes I hug first JH and then WB, and he walks behind me and wraps his arms and we prove we are still fluid; he lifts me up and backwards with a huge closed-mouth smile and I squeal, laugh, crinkling my eyes as JH looks on; it’s a pact: somehow both an acknowledgement and a denial of the physical closeness and the end of its meaning; and then he is gone, they are both gone, rendered equal in the growing distance that we know we will always carry, that distance that nullifies, must nullify, any lingering spirit; it is both a curse and a blessing: there is something here, and yet we cannot work, would not have worked; these we both know


Two years seems like two months since I started blogging. What started off as “you dress nicely and have good pictures, you should start a blog” became my actual reality. 778 more words


There is NO Superman Series In The Works

Fans of the CW’s Supergirl have been questioning if Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman would be getting his own TV series set in the Arrowverse and that has finally been answered by CW President Mark Pedowitz in an interview with Entertainment Weekly: 200 more words

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