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WBAI & KPFK's economist Richard Wolff also had an event

“Capitalists in the 1970s realized they no longer needed to pay high wages to American, European and Japanese workers, when they could simply relocate their centers to countries with no wage regulations” -Professor and Economist Richard Wolf… 63 more words


They Shoot Black People, Don't They: Cartoonist Keith Knight


For radio station WBAI 99-5 FM NYC, I recently interviewed cartoonist Keith Knight, writer and illustrator of the daily comic strip The K Chronicles, a strange and hilariously twisted view of the world through the eyes and pen of your average, African-American male. 46 more words


Activism Step One: Pay Close Attention

Way back, during the pre-Internet days of yore, I garnered much of my radical education from WBAI-FM radio in NYC. There was a particular morning host who always ended his show with this simple bit of advice: “Stay strong and pay close attention.” 68 more words

Video WBAI host Tiokasin Ghosthorse talk part 1 2011

Once you’re at youtube the subsequent and related videos present themselves as choices.