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What's On My Radio Dial

Like most people I usually listen to radio while I’m doing something else. When I’m in the car, the radio is always on. In the kitchen when I’m making something, I listen to an internet radio. 1,246 more words


History of Radio: How the Radio Changed My Life

I was not the sort of perky teenager who walked in the door ready to chit chat with other family members. If I was home, and wasn’t hungry at the time, I was behind closed doors. 818 more words


Lies Like Truth: "Inside" at St. John the Divine




Yesterday the Arts Express radio program ran my audio essay on a new site-specific performance piece called Inside by PopUp Theatrics.  The more I tried to write a conventional review,  the more I realized I had to do it in another way.  42 more words


History of Radio: Listener-Sponsored Creativity and Chaos

When radio first started to find an audience in the 1920’s it was driven by the manufacturers who thought they could make money by selling radio sets. 992 more words


WBAI Sports Qualified: March 12th show

I was blessed enough to join an excellent lineup of Women’s Basketball expertise on last night’s episode of WBAI Sports Qualified.  Guests Lois Elfman, Helen Wheelock and… 32 more words

Women's History Month

Cast of CAGNEY on WBAI at the Metropolitan Room

The cast of Cagney performed at the Metropolitan Room for an upcoming feature on WBAI Radio. You can tune in on Sunday, March 5 at 9PM to hear some of the songs from the hit off-Broadway musical.

Media Placements

The Comedian: Robert De Niro




The Comedian is the new Robert De Niro movie in which he plays a washed-up comedian trying to make a come-back years after his initial fame. 43 more words