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#WBW - Utility, Clarity, and Beauty; Making Perfect Maps

This instalment of World Building Wednesday is all about maps! Alongside two of the lovely gents and one lovely lady from over at Tinker Tabletop… 1,662 more words


Way Back Wednesday: D1RC Winter Series

I was sorting through my ‘liked’ pages on Facebook and came across Radical Muppets Photography owned by Bradley Giles and Zoe Ramsey (facebook link here: www.facebook.com/RadicalMuppetsPhotography ). 925 more words

WBW #70


ORIGIN: New Latin stentorophonicus, from Greek Stentōr Stentor + -o- + phōnē voice + Latin -icus -ic

DEFINITION: speaking or sounding very loud

SENTENCE: Most babies tend to be stentorophonic. 17 more words


WBW #69

polyptoton (plural polyptota)

ORIGIN: Late Latin, from Greek polyptōton, neuter of polyptōtos using many cases of the same word, from poly- + ptōtos (from piptein to fall, influenced in meaning by Greek ptōsis case) 82 more words


WBW #68

ORIGIN: alteration of earlier bletherskate, from blether + skate (fish)


1: a blustering, talkative and often incompetent person

2: nonsense, blather

3: ruddy duck 38 more words


Amber Heard - #Repost @brandonmcculloch "#wbw Welcoming my friend @heard83... Tom Wheeler

All you need to do to get informed about all magazine news right away is to follow our lastoneminute.com site. You can find the details of the post titled Amber Heard – #Repost @brandonmcculloch… 14 more words

Way Back Wednesday: Anti Flag Nostalgia

Hey music lovers!

I recently went to a concert at The Phoenix in Toronto to see Reel Big Fish and Anti Flag. To be completely honest, I was mostly just interested in seeing Reel Big Fish (because really, what’s better than ska punk?) BUT, I ended up having a great time seeing Anti Flag as well and now I can’t stop listening to them. 143 more words