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WBW #1


ORIGIN: German

DEFINITION: sensibility to conformance with or divergence from the established usage (as in form or idiom) of a language

SENTENCE: The skilled linguist had a very dependable sprachgefühl.

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WBW #2


ORIGIN: Eskimo

DEFINITION: a hill or mountain completely surrounded by glacial ice

SENTENCE: Several penguins lived around the nunatak.

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WBW #3


ORIGIN: German

DEFINITION: enjoyment of the mishaps of others

SENTENCE: People who express schadenfreude should be ashamed of themselves. (Really, they should.)

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WBW #4


ORIGIN: International Scientific Vocabulary

DEFINITION: the treatment of disease by baths

SENTENCE: The balneologist treated his patient using balneotherapy.

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WBW #5


ORIGIN: New Latin, from Greek and New Latin parts

DEFINITION: fear of the number thirteen (13)

SENTENCE: The Gaylord National Hotel lacked a thirteenth floor, likely due to superstitious triskaidekaphobia.


WBW #6


ORIGIN: Achomawi, from achóma river

DEFINITION: a Shastan language of the Achomawi people

SENTENCE: The linguist studied various native languages, including Achomawi.


WBW #7


ORIGIN: German, from Latin and German parts

DEFINITION: a colorless crystalline feebly basic tricyclic compound occurring in crude anthracene fractions from coal tar and important as the parent compound of dyes and pharmaceuticals… 10 more words