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New Batches - AZURE, ASP.NET Core MVC, Angular2

Cloud Computing using MS AZURE : 26th Aug 2017 @ 7:00a IST 5 weekends

(Be aware all Development is moving to cloud and .NET Developer should shift to MS Cloud AZURE – Hands on Lab, AZURE Access will be provided during course time – Free .NET Basics for those required will also be provided) 145 more words


debug web service project in same solution as web site project

In your solution file, click properties go to the Startup project node (if it is not already selected)

Next select Multiple startup projects. Select your website and your webservice and in the Action column make sure both of them have “Start” selected. 51 more words


Getting images byte[] from MS SQLServer through WCF to Ionic3 Angular4

So , that was quite a challenge.

After saving the images as byte[] pretty neat through the MVC client into the MS SqlServer , I wanted to get them into the app of Ionic3 with Angular4 .. 426 more words

Different ways of doing serialization and deserialization in .Net (Asp.net/Asp.net MVC)(Part1)

Nowadays so many times we will get requirement to do serialization and deserialization process in .net application.
Firstly we will know what this process is, … 412 more words


Protocol Bridging In WCF


Bridging => the action of putting a bridge over RIVER

In the sentence, given above, you can find that bridge has been constructed over the river with the intention that traffic flow shouldn’t be interrupted for any reason. 795 more words