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Whatever Happened To Kathy 'B.B.' Dingman?

Brian Damage

In 1999 an on-screen EMT called Barbara Bush began appearing on WWE TV in various segments. Today we ask Whatever Happened to Kathy Dingman, the lady who played her and also had roles in WCW and TNA. 357 more words


Early #wcw: Brittany Renner

Dammit I know it’s early..but this one could not wait . I was on IG minding my business and discovered this apex of beauty. I don’t have a specific type but if I did..it would be Brittany Renner. 20 more words


Tony Schiavone got tired of going to parties with Ric Flair?

Jim Ross conducted an interview with former WCW broadcaster Tony Schiavone who opened up about his time wrestling.

Schiavone said Flair would never drink as much as he appeared to drink. 72 more words


WWE: The Legacy of Sting

The iconic Sting made his wrestling debut in 1985. At 56 years old Sting is still in top notch shape and has shown that he can still wrestle. 598 more words


#WCW...on a Friday!

Dear Daughter,

An interruption. ..

Been listening to ‘Valerie Mason John’s Ted Talk over and over and over…

The message is Real…

Don’t Ever Allow ‘Stinking Thinking’ to stay in u… 49 more words

This WCW Announcer Had A Concerning But Unsurprising Reason To Stop Partying With Ric Flair

On the most recent episode of The Ross Report, Jim Ross was able to get former WCW announcer Tony Schiavone to open up about his time in wrestling, a thing not many are able to do these days. 246 more words


Akiyama vs Al Perez

Aaaand we are back! A bit late but I apologize, I got stuck in the post-vacation hustle and bustle, but here I am with Akiyama vs Al Perez. 687 more words