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Fight Theater: Rick Rude vs. The Boss


WCW International World Heavyweight Championship:
Rick Rude (Champion) Vs. The Boss
WCW Starrcade

In an event that was headlined by the renowned Ric Flair…

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How Ready to Rumble Influenced Wrestling

Jess recently read a book called Ready Player One. In the book, I guess a character is asked if he can recite an entire movie. 191 more words


The Best And Worst Of WCW Monday Nitro 1/20/97: Savage AF

Previously on The Best And Worst Of WCW Monday Nitro: The Giant and Hollywood Hogan fought during the commercial breaks of The New Adventures Of Robin Hood… 2,478 more words


Why #WcW is important and why it can also be seen as bad...

WCW is an acronym for Woman Crush Wednesday which started on Twitter back in 2013 when people began stating their crushes using that particular hashtag. 703 more words


From Pods Unknown – Ep 11 – SummerSlam

We are joined this episode by a new member of the podcast team, Lee has been friends with Jim and Joe for years and is a huge wrasslin fan so it just made sense now we have so much more wrestling to cover!! 54 more words

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