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WDBJ-7's memos to Bryce Williams reveal angry behaviour, threats

WATCH ABOVE: Jeff Marks, WDBJ7’s general manager, described Vester Flanagan’s employment with the news station and the events leading up to his termination two-and-a-half years ago. 879 more words


Vester Lee Flanagan, Va TV Killer Had a History of Playing the "Race Card" and "Gay Card"...

Let me start this on first off with a criticism of the title –

Vester Flanagan Threatened Coworkers, Played the Race Card for Years

The problem being that Flanagan had a number of issues, was fired by several stations, and alternately blamed it on being Gay and Being black. 569 more words


My thoughts on Roanoke

 By Heather Nelson

Yesterday started out like any other day for me. “Stockholm Syndrome” by One Direction blared through my phone, a reminder that it was time to start the day. 551 more words


Thoughts from Roanoke

I moved to Roanoke, Virginia about a year-and-a-half ago. This is a small city. I think there is only one TV news station. It’s the kind of place that feels too small sometimes for a girl like me who grew up in a big metropolis. 498 more words

Tragedy in VA - the WDBJ7 Shooting

I was at work when I heard about the shooting. It took me by surprise when I was checking Twitter and saw that police were searching for a shooter. 531 more words


Murder In the Morning

If you’re looking for videos of two journalists being gunned down, look elsewhere. It’s not here.

If you’re looking for a link to a madman’s manifesto, you’re outta luck. 660 more words

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Journalism hangs in the balance

Journalism hangs in the balance

We feed off death, violence and sex, because it’s the only food around.

The WDBJ7 shooting is not only a tragedy because two innocent people died. 298 more words