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Victim of Virginia TV shooting released from hospital

Vicki Gardner, the lone survivor of a brazen shooting which killed two journalists on live television, has been released from hospital, according to the Virginia television station where the two victims worked. 159 more words


Challenge: Legal Theft: An Education (507 words)

She had only heard gunshots at a distance. Sometimes an explosion echoing through a tranquil wood, a wild fire in a distant part of the forest, the question of life or death for sport. 611 more words



I have spent nearly a year now staring back at my own mortality (I’m 41 years old).  Sometimes my arms are crossed; other times admitted indifference, my shoulders shrug; still other times, resignation. 1,564 more words

Opinion: Don't publish the WDBJ7 shooting footage

Posting the WBDJ7 footage is unjustified and does not communicate our country’s failure to regulate gun control. Credit: Jenny Chang/The Foothill Dragon Press

Last week in school, I was sitting in class learning about Roanoke, an island colony founded by Sir Walter Raleigh, in U.S. 730 more words


The week@work - Stock market volatility, workplace violence, effective hiring tactics and the best jobs require you to be a 'people person'

This was probably not the best week@work with stock market volatility and one of the most horrific incidents of workplace violence broadcast live on the morning news. 796 more words


Things that happened this week

Two people got shot by a disgruntled ex-colleague on live TV

If ever there was a persuasive argument for stricter gun controls in the USA, this is it. 608 more words

Sole survivor of WDBJ-7 shooting Vicki Gardner in 'good condition' after 2 surgeries

WATCH ABOVE: The brother of Vicki Gardner, the sole survivor of the fatal WDBJ-7 shooting, spoke about his sister’s recovery and what she remembers from the shooting. 895 more words