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We Are Awesome

{Awesome Happy Life}
Not being able to be myself, always trying to change for others or censoring myself don’t feel good at all. It makes life feel so small and limited. 495 more words

My Insight

In Braille, Maybe??

Hi Guys☺

How have you been? Doing well or pale, whatever, do share with me in the comments- for I would love to know what’s been going on with you, the same way you read my blog on my life stories and my imaginary fictions, with your evergrowing enthusiasm! 122 more words

Yeah. We Totally Rule! 

God, I am SSSOOO full of it! There’s no beating about the bush though, us Bruce’s and Sheila’s are pretty ridgy didge…even the daggy ones. And the drongos. 29 more words

Simple Minds