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Letter for all the Mom's... the low down dirty truth

For the longest time I was not a fan of blogging… and to be honest I would get annoyed by those people that I saw out and about that had to stop and take a pic and blog or post or make sure that the moment was captured, documented and shared with the world… Was all this for their own memory bank later, or was this just a way to validate the moment and have the “like” it to make it real to them. 289 more words

We Are Not Alone

For My Husband... thank you for loving the crazy!

Dear Hubs,

It was Bell Let’s Talk Day last week, and it made me think of you… made me think of us… made me so F***ing grateful we found each other and have held on tight for all these years.  208 more words

We Are Not Alone

What am I Doing? Letter to Myself

Dear  Me… and whoever else is reading this.

What the f*** am I doing?  Wait I know… I am trying to work full time, parent my awesome kids that I know are trying to slow kill me or assert dominance – is there really a difference – and try to keep my marriage breathing and thriving.  366 more words

We Are Not Alone

What The Women's March Meant To A Man Who Stayed Home Watching The Kids

My wife marched in the Women’s March this weekend. She took our oldest daughter. I stayed home with our two younger kids, and I watched online as image after image after image came in from all over the country… And all over the world. 1,135 more words

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2017 is here.  I did not make any New Year’s resolutions.  I have been quietly contemplating 2016.  Reflecting on the past year.  Asking myself several questions. 1,480 more words

Family Christmas

Christmas day this year felt right.  It was wonderful in so many ways.  Started the day off in church sharing the Lord’s Supper with our fellow believers – church family.  1,664 more words

Sneaky Grief

Grief is very sneaky.  You walk along having a typical day then all of sudden out of the blue something hits you – a song, a quote, a TV show, a comment, a picture.  900 more words