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My life has been blessed.  I am blessed.  God has blessed me over and over again.

 I grew up around a lot of family who love/loved me dearly.  1,680 more words

Running & Walking

Yesterday was 18 months since Amanda died.  1 ½ years.  It’s unbelievable.  Both ways, on one hand it seems like yesterday on the other it seems like an eternity.    1,211 more words

Answering Questions?

Questions are conversation starters.  Questions are how we get to know people.  We ask and answer questions every day, some days all day long.  Questions are just a normal part of life. 876 more words

Seeking Love

When I was growing up I spent a lot of time with my Grand-parents.  Grandma Stockman kept my brothers and me often.  Especially, when we were out of school.  1,220 more words

Keep Watch, Don't Enter

The day Amanda died I was in a daze.  I remember some things very vividly, some things not so well.  I remember sitting in the ER room touching her, rubbing her hair, holding her hand.  1,689 more words


Compassion has a time limit.  I am not sure when it begins but there comes a point where compassion ends.  For some the compassion ends very fast, within a couple months.  1,292 more words

We are not alone and this is a condition that really should have more awareness.

Hello everyone! (A Slightly more serious topic today) What is Trichotillomania? I have Trichotillomania , which is a condition where a person feels the need to pull their hair out.

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