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Dear Mama, You Are Not Alone (READ THIS)

The support of other Mothers through all of life’s transitions and struggles has been weighing on my heart heavily lately. I’ve just come through an extremely difficult pregnancy and postpartum period after my 4th child, and I have to admit, … 2,383 more words


Telling you the Truth.

Hey people of Earth (and possibly other planets). We are E-TAG, the Extra Terrestrial Archaeology Group. We are here to prove that we are not alone. 89 more words


Dip Happens---What Do We DO When Nothing Seems To Change?

Often I blog about things I am going through. Sometimes just writing things down, sketching out a plan of action, recalibrating MY perspective helps a lot. 2,179 more words

Kristen Lamb

#ShoutOut to farcornersstudios

The 3rd segment to FarCorners Studios’ Tumblr-Verse series, “WE ARE NOT ALONE”, features the coldest man alive Gerald “ICE STORM” Petworth. Let’s see if Ms. Cruickshank can turn up the heat during this interview. 69 more words


Humanity's Greatest Arrogance

There is, perhaps, no greater human arrogance than the one that places our planet, our species, and our drama at the center of the Universal play. 442 more words


Selling & Social Media--DON'T Be a Personal Space Invader

We writers are kinda weird…okay, a LOT weird. We can drift to extremes if we aren’t vigilant. Either we are the non-stop All-Writing-All-The-Time Channel or we’re afraid to mention we have ever… 2,256 more words

Kristen Lamb

ETs on stage

Some of you may recall that I am writing a musical about ET contact based loosely on my own experiences. I didn’t think the subject had made it to the stage but one of my readers pointed out that Phillip Glass made a musical about alien abduction called 1000 Airplanes on a Roof ( 311 more words