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As Unlikely as Monks from Space?

Being a fractal artist, I often end up with the unlikeliest compositions. Unlike a traditional artist who knows beforehand what he would be creating, a fractal artist must continuously see possibilities throughout his creation process. 128 more words

Fractal Art

Breaking Benjamin's Albums Ranked

Breaking Benjamin was one of the first bands that I completely fell in love with. From the beginning, I had to collect all of their albums and dive into their music. 1,214 more words


Social Media is Global

The world seems like such a big place, but social media has brought us together to touch each other’s lives

And what have we found out? 83 more words


Q: WE ARE NOT ALONE. ~ March 11, 2018

I AM not alone, and it’s very,very nice to hear that “Q” is confident enough to state…”We are not alone.” as humanity lurches toward freedom. Hopefully, the path to freedom will smooth out as our questions are answered and the way cleared for our best! 28 more words

"We Are Not Alone."

Last night Norma Jean and I attended the opening session of the Florida College Lectures and heard the keynote address by Dr. David Edwin Harrell, Jr on the subject “What Shall We Do With History?” 727 more words

Florida College Lectures

January 15, 2018

“The more we turn toward Jesus, the more Jesus seems to reveal himself to us.”

Our faith needs nourishment and we get that nourishment through  those moments where we experience Jesus, those times and occasions where we understand that we are not alone. 

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