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We, the 30s !

Too young to be old
Too old to be naive,
We, the thirties,
Reign the apex of life We have savoured the elation of success, … 332 more words


I am the sunshine
I am the rain
I am the source of all the pleasure
I am the source of all the pain.

You wont find me no where… 136 more words


The Power of Mantras and Seed Sounds

May we all keep strong and remember that everything is abundant and that everything we would ever need is within us. 1,186 more words


Is This Your Missing Piece?

A lot of souls here are missing the point. We all go to the same place when we leave our physical body; it doesn’t matter what we did here on the physical earth. 151 more words

Personal Growth

"How to Respond When Someone Blames ALL Muslims for ISIS"

As someone often mistaken for being Muslim and receiving hateful attacks and words because of it, I have felt the hateful energy and speech and words spoken at me, an assumed Muslim. 73 more words

Borders and Beliefs

I am a first generation Canadian, a daughter of European immigrants after World War II.

I am also a nomad by nature. I┬ábelieve that as long as I’m a good person and comply with local law, I should have the right to live anywhere I choose. 262 more words