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Art Residency in PARIS

OH I have the opportunity to study art in PARIS and this is a quick note to ask for a tiny bit of your help! 185 more words

There Will Be A Day

There will be a day probably in the not too distant future in which we as a race will be forced to realize that our pride does not matter and that our flags do not unite us they divide us . 273 more words


The Call

Whispers of the hollow beckon the soul

In an attempt to reveal how we are already whole

There is nothing about us that we need to change… 59 more words


Make a Difference

We are all the young man. We are all the second man. We are all the starfish.

I was going through some of my old files and came upon a short story I saved because of its simple yet meaningful message. 264 more words


The Seas That Separate Us

The seas separate us. Like a vast saucer of spilt tea from the time of imperial ships, it keeps me here and you there. My continent embraced by the two oceans and several seas. 1,147 more words

Space For Words:

Welcome to iThink,

All of sudden if I say we all are ONE, it may not make sense to all of you right now. But for me everything is energy and its not just my belief, … 266 more words

A TV Show Hosted By Prakash Kc

The Bridge

The Bridge

There is a bridge of consciousness
connecting the planets, the
celestial lights, you, and I,
all life upon this earth;
it matters not where we might be, 106 more words