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The Ripple Effect Rules!

Just as ripples spread on the water and carry energy outward after a stone is thrown into a lake, so do the thoughts and actions of our lives. 649 more words

Planetary, the film...

in honor of Earth Day and in celebration of this beautiful gift that is this planet I watched (and subsequently purchased) this exquisite movie and wholeheartedly recommend that watch it. 16 more words


Palettal Prose: Love is Power

The first step toward bridging the chasm of duality is accepting life as it is. When you understand that complete acceptance of yourself will open your heart, increase your power, and thereby offer you the opportunity to be whole, you will no longer view yourself as separate.

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The most impressive opening ceremony in the World Cup history

With the budget up to 90 million USD and the participation of a lot of top stars in the entertainment world, the World Cup 2014 opening ceremony was the liveliest one in the World Cup history. 362 more words

World Cup

Reality Shift Of EASTER: Thanks For Your Sacrifice!

{ EDITOR’S NOTE: To all who do not resonate with this message, I mean no disrespect to any of you.

If you and others like you should feel the need to disrespect and judge me or others like me, I have this to say: 397 more words