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Rebellion For Us: Blur Tomorrow Pt.2

Said I’ll never go weak,
Will always run strong,
Let go a bit more deep,
But will never go wrong.

I stand here on a cross road, 352 more words


Who's laughing?

Long ago, a song with cute lyrics got stuck in my head.

Something about when you smile, the world smiles with you and when you cry, you cry alone. 750 more words

The Simplicity of Oneness

Many times, the most profound Truth is expressed in Simplicity. Humans are all alike on the inside. We all have veins, capillaries, muscles, ligaments,bones, arteries, and vital organs. 22 more words

Blur Tomorrow

I looked at the sky above,
Covered with grey clouds,
A vivid blue that was never dull,
Concealed underneath; nowhere around.

A colourless sunset windy and dull, 229 more words


It's A Small World After All

One of my favorite things about blogging is seeing how many people from different countries I am communicating with.

When I look at my daily stats and see many views from MANY different countries, I just can’t help but think how awesome that is. 187 more words


Do it now!!!

Yesterday, I received a call from old folk home which I am frequently pay a visit. They are asking for urgent help as not enough food like salt, potatoes, garlic, onion, tea, milo, beans and others. 218 more words


There's More to a Person than the Dementia

I know people with dementia. Maybe you do too. It’s possible you might not notice them because they are people, just like me and you. They have their hopes and ambitions. 151 more words