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The latest Ascension Note “Consciousness and Shifting” by Kara Schallock ~ October 19, 2016 [VIDEO]

Published on Oct 19, 2016

Consciousness and Shifting by Kara Schallock
at http://soulsticerising.com October 18, 2016

Yesterday I wrote about competition on my Facebook page, Ascension: The New. 176 more words

Waking Dreams

Dreaming of days when hatred, malice and unjust actions no longer flow rampantly like waterfalls cascading of broken earth.  When people no longer allow personal bias and wagging tongues to undo the joys of every other one. 

154 more words

Slipping, Re-Balancing

Whoops, I slipped.
Darned if I didn’t act like a scruffy kid on the playground. I took an emotional hit and responded with a tantrum. It shocked the contemplative part of me. 419 more words

Self Healing

collective disease

Writing this after binging on the news – all the anger and hate. And all the reactions that come from the same place. And this political undertow trying to catch hold of our ankles in these fear filled waters in hopes to create a bigger divide. 66 more words

Locker Room Talk by Donald Trump

Apologise to women? How despicable is that statement. Why not apologize to people in general. To the entire human race because prejudice of one part rots the whole. 1,063 more words


Piled High and Deep

My thoughts on politics: There is so much bullshit on all sides, my bullshit meter is buried and spinning out of control.

I thought I’d end it there, but it turns out, I actually have more to say. 614 more words