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Tribalism is a malignancy

I am getting ready for a war to win the freedom to my thoughts back, I am getting ready to validate my own judgement. I want to judge you based on the content of your character and not on the lies I was told while growing up. 351 more words


Our Journey Back To Oneness...Are We One Now?

I am going to tackle a topic that people will defend as if their lives depend on it.  It is the We Are One Theory, that is used constantly.   754 more words

Just A Quick Rant...If You Please.

Racism is pure ignorance…

What gives anyone the right or idea to believe, that because of the color of your skin, you are superior?

It is skin… 37 more words


Crown Chakra: Universal Consciousness "We are One"

 The Crown Chakra is the 7th of the seven major energy centers identified in the chakra system. It is seen as the top of the ladder and is the highest point; the progression in opposition to the root chakra or 1st chakra in the system. 387 more words


Music to My Ears

So everyday without knowing it I play music for Baby E. In the car, kitchen, playroom, you name it I love having music on and it helps to keep me moving while doing chores. 561 more words

Thats Not My Boob

I Shall Be Their Voice

I Shall Be Their Voice

by Mark Stewart

For the dogs boiled alive in Korea
For the dolphins eviscerated in Japan
For the whales hunted by the Norwegians… 108 more words


You are the Poem, You are the Song <3

We’re One, but we’re not the same
We get to  Carry each other Carry each other <3

Mary Carroll-Hackett