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We saw a Zoo 🌍

I used to want to be a zoo keeper or owner because I love animals. But after watching documentaries and people telling me, I finally realised that it is worse for the animals to be there. 716 more words


5 Reasons You Need to Visit Dartmoor Zoo

And on the 15th day, I left Plymouth. This weekend, I took my first excursion out of my host city! Although I am falling in love with Plymouth a little more everyday, I was excited to explore someplace new. 659 more words


Movie Review: We Bought a Zoo

Movies based on true stories have always been something that drives myself and other movie-goers to theaters (unless the movie is scary then I’m out.) While the producers, director and studio may change things about the film the message is usually the same as it is in the actual story. 669 more words


We Bought a Zoo Review

Lions, tigers, bears, peacocks, zebras, and more bears, oh my! Would you believe running a zoo is hard? Seems like it. Cameron Crowe sometimes changes things up with each passing film he directs. 422 more words

Movie Reviews

We Bought A Zoo ** (Out of 4)

Consensus: “We Bought A Zoo” is an overly sentimental romantic comedy. It hits all the usual cliches.

We Bought A Zoo

Love Like A Penguin

I’m sure many of you are aware of the tradition of penguins showing their affection with a pebble. It might be the most adorable behavior in the animal kingdom. 355 more words