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We Got Married: Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo

As I left Andy & Solbi behind, they were the only reason why I still watch We Got Married. Ant Couple is great, but they became boring these days. 140 more words


We Got Married: Andy & Solbi

A dear friend of mine asked me, ‘What happened to your obsession to Andy and Solbi?’ I didn’t asnwer her then, because I don’t really had the heart to do so. 799 more words


PART 3: Andy and Solbi Chronology in 'We Got Married'

27th May – Filming of We Got Married Episode 13 (and 14 I presume). Looked like Andy’s wish had come true. He wanted to go to amusement park with his significant others, holding hands and eating candy floss, and he went with Solbi now. 280 more words


Son Ho Young and Shin Ae, sweet love scandal~

I just posted about Alex and Shin Ae, now a scandal with who???

:) It was just a concept for the phtoshoot. I’m not very sure what it was for make-up or just a regular photoshoot, but seeing the pictures reminds me of someone… 97 more words


A Song from Alex, Daisy...

I was watching We Got Married as usual, (because I’m such a fan) and I was drawn in Alex soft voice when he sang Daisy during the Chuseok Special.He performed this track from his album, My Vintage Romance with Shin Ae… 296 more words


Hello all~

To my blog visitors….

Thanks for visiting! I’ve been sick for the past few days (and still sick as I’m typing this) so there won’t be updates on We Got Married Episode 12 as I usually do at the end of each episode. 225 more words


Andy and Solbi Caught Dating at Everland!

Hahha~ did I overdo the title? I think I am. XD Everyone knew this already I think. Anyway, here’s some pictures of them caught on camera~ 219 more words