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Fear us conservatives of canada, for we shall step on you liberaly with the cold iron clad boot of government. take your money and give it to social prpgrams. 35 more words

Purple Door Free Little Library / Stolen / Redeemed and Getting Reinstalled

We installed the Purple Door Little Free Library on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 11th, 2015.

Sadly, after months of working on our Little Free Library, setting up the charter account, getting the neighborhood involved and getting everything in place, our Little Free Library was… 577 more words


Ddaily wword - 4/22/2015 A

“I have great things for you today.  You can expect Me to fill your hearts, your very inner beings, with a joy that feels like a cloud ready to burst.   144 more words

Proud to be from Sydney #illridewithyou

Amongst the chaos that is the Sydney seige which as I type is in it’s 14th hour , where an unknown number of hostages are still being held in the Lindt cafe in Martin place there have been signs from the people of the gorgeous city that I call home that we won’t stand for acts of terrorism in our backyard , that we won’t retaliate with acts of racism and hatred and that we won’t be scared into silence by a lone crazy trying to insite hate between races or religions. 236 more words

Accepting Eternal Victory for Our Cities!!!!

* God has not only given us the authority to “take dominion”, but he commands us from the beginning. Even though we were sold into slavery to sin by our earthly forefathers, Jesus bought back our right to “take dominion” and retrieved back for us the “keys to the kingdom”. 758 more words

Trademark Aaron - Gold (Feat. Aaron Roy)

“Don’t believe me, then you’re stupid. This is clearly more than music.” Trademark Aaron goes in on his track, “Gold.” While coming down off the high from his critically acclaimed track, … 105 more words