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idea we feel

better and its own taken

and how it seemed

and what it must have occured

and does of the seeming

and thought of the feeling… 48 more words


nothing we do

don’t change the way you ride

and keep the sight of the game

and whose the one

who is refusing of the settle

and how it keeps on the time… 46 more words


we have said

doing all it was and its own power

and those of the mystique

and the best cue

and doing of the never

and how it was paintedĀ  of the words… 45 more words


way we was

what it meant

don’t turn so fast

and catch on the last

and it heard of the best

and doing of the long

and how it said of theĀ  run… 41 more words


for the love of...

Each and everyone of us has our own reasons to stay… to stay where ever we are. Reasons that will justify you and your existence. Some will say “I need this”, “I have to do this”, and some will simply say “I have no choice but this”. 59 more words


mirror we are

what seems so well

and what it seems


and yet it was the strength

and overall of the time

and how it pushed the clock… 46 more words


I miss the missed calls even

I must be going but mad,

I see the no reflecting and if it is not you,

I yearn that it should have been you. 25 more words