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Donald Trump Predicted The 9/11 Attacks Back In 2000

Recently-inaugurated U.S. President DONALD TRUMP showed astronomical levels of awareness and foresight when he predicted the 9/11 attacks over a year and a half BEFORE… 152 more words

False Flags

Part Time Or Full Time Cash at Home With Your Own Photography Business

Wedding photography can be a very lucrative part time of full time option. In the United State alone, wedding photography accounts for approx. $5 Billion per year. 735 more words

Rodriguez and a vision

I was watching the movieĀ Searching for Sugar Man, and in between the movie when Rodriguez came on the camera for the first time, and when people started to talk about what he did at his job, and how he used to be the voice of the poor working class, those who didn’t have a voice. 268 more words