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Switch off autopilot

A huge issue is that we fail to realize that by the time we wake up and commute to start our average nine to five jobs almost half of our day is already gone. 456 more words


What's in it for us? (Millennial & a Middle-Ager)

What does a young & gorgeously fit millennial have in common with me, a 52-year-old woman, currently visiting my 17-year-old son,  in Tasmania, Australia? (At the bottom of the world I might add!) Astonishingly, we have a great deal in common. 590 more words

Worlds 2017 QuarterFinals Power Rankings

Hello, guys! In this piece I will try to seed the remaining Worlds teams based on their performance so far in the tournament. I believe we had plenty exciting games so far and I am looking forward to the quarterfinals. 1,203 more words

John Legend just serenaded Chrissy Teigen and Luna on Instagram and we're swooning

Nowadays, receiving a tagged notification on Instagram is basically parallel to opening a birthday present. They both spark curiosity, excitement and a little anxiety all at the same time. 106 more words


We Are Market Basket: The Story of the Unlikely Grassroots Movement That Saved a Beloved Business

What if a company were so treasured and trusted that people literally took to the streets – by the thousands – to save it? That company is Market Basket, a popular New England supermarket chain. 77 more words


We All Try

“Through it all; the darkness, the depression, anger and despair a sudden song awoke me. I’m not the religious type at all but it sounded like an angel sung to me, a clear message and all. 363 more words


We keep going

We keep going
To the unfinished loves of ours
Like we never put our foot down
It profoundicates,
And wands us like
We have always loved… 191 more words