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There Is Only We

Who worries for the
Dust under the fingernails of searching hands
Dust brushed from faces of fallen family found
Within the rock-rubble of spilled homes, villages… 31 more words

haven't we danced before

why  are you looking

as if the best eyes

you saw in the place

belong to me

why  are you looking

at a book

as if you read… 45 more words


where we wonder

can you be beautiful

when you are afraid

to show your  face

in the mirror

and what it has to offer

and how it acted… 45 more words


Indelible Inks #36: Meandering Musings #11

between two lakes and

By Yi Ching Lin. Featured writer for the week of 18th – 24th May.

between two lakes and
immeasurable sorrow,
memories of you… 24 more words

Meandering Musings

what we value

time  of its own doing

and how it plays

and what it heard

and follow of the  meeting

and what it has

beyond a happening… 45 more words


#We Remember George Best

George Best

May 22, 1946

Died Nov 25, 2005 (age 59)

1968 European Soccer Player of the year who unexpectedly retired in the prime of his career at the age of 27… 42 more words

#We Remember

“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.” – Flora Whittemore.