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Disclaimer: The image used is in no way mine. I have taken it from topfmonline.com

Fire. It’s the scorching flames we first see. Fire is the blazing crimson, the hasty brick coloured heat. 586 more words


once we told

how it seems

the  sudden

and its own charm

and what it was the click

and its own  despite

the effort

and its own pledge… 47 more words


we so distant

further as if two poles

one is extremely hot

and the other is so cold

and in  between can’t make heads or tails

where the sun rises… 45 more words


Banana Yoshimoto

Novel of the World, WE – Women for Expo project.


only we talk

ignore  words

and how it was placed

and done of the  corner

and its own time

of the concearned

and its own doing

and where is the galaxy… 45 more words