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Ginger Love

Meet Ginger..

Ginger has never been like this since childhood. In fact she has had the most ordinary life like any other stray dog. She survived on the leftovers, chased cars, and often chased by some insane shopkeepers and rag pickers. 362 more words

Human Beings

Death.....Part 2

Ça donne à réfléchir

*Les choses étranges que nous faisons en Afrique au nom de : “C’est notre culture”

*1. Nous nous soucions plus des morts que des vivants. 804 more words



“We” are special until we think we aren’t.

It still takes two to tango, even if we never learned how.

faults are natural, they occur. 54 more words

15 times Jennifer Lawrence had the lady balls to say exactly what we were thinking

Of all of our favorite female celebrities, there are few who have the ability to make us laugh so hard we cry and give us hope that maybe we’re not so different from the Hollywood elite after all. 273 more words


We by Blair Gaulton

We are all broken shattered damaged or hurt in some way.
Living with loss of loved ones
‘n’ pain from mistakes.
The past we cannot reanimate. 29 more words


Free-Freedom & Conditional Independence

Freedom is something, we used to demand from others since forever. We, humans, think that someone is having powers to grant as freedom. In many cases, it is true. 219 more words