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Jezebel In The Flesh

I was reading through I kings and came across the infamous story of Jezebel and Ahab. Ahab coveted a vineyard that was near his palace but the man would not sale because the land was an inheritance from his father who inherited it from his father all the way back to the days of Joshua. 1,407 more words

Evil Women

Funky Cloud

This was the funky cloud I spotted at lunch time today….I forgot my book so this is what happens when I am bored and outside….. I found a straight rainbow in a funky cloud! 264 more words


Weak Men And Their Verbal Abuse (Online and Off)

A few months ago I got rid of a client I worked with for over two years because it reached a point where enough was enough with this jerk’s verbal abuse. 1,348 more words

It Takes The Village Idiot to Punch a Tot

Dad Punches Toddler In Face (Original Video): https://youtu.be/e3rFT5tmQaQ

I only watched this video because I couldn’t post it without knowing what it entails and HOLY SHIT!! 345 more words

Farrah Gray came out of thin air and is full of hot air

Yes, ladies. You have been posting some insightful one liner’s on the backdrop of some inspirational image. So months later (today specifically) I decided to have a peek at his free pdf. 51 more words

Because it's totally normal to be the other woman, right?

I’m fully aware of the slut-shaming consequences of being involved in relationships that weren’t your own to begin with, but you know what? Someone needs to speak up for the other side. 214 more words


Dude! You Married a Chic

How can a women know? It looks male, he has the look, and…the parts…but there is something peculiar, slightly out of place.

Well, here is your definitive guide to determining if you married a chic. 380 more words