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Imagine a world...

…Where pride is dead…

…Where hope is lost…

…Where we have no power…

…And evil is praised as a virtue.

Where life is pointless…

…And death is our aspiration. 88 more words


Cure for Mysterious Male Illness

This is from the Illustrated Police News of November 1898:


Men who are weak, and tired of taking NAUSEOUS  and MYSTERIOUS Preparations to no GOOD PURPOSE ought to write to the Physician in confidence, and full particulars will be sent FREE As to how all cases of NERVOUS DEBILITY, LOSS OF VIGOUR, WASTING AND ALLIED WEAKNESS can be SUCCESSFULLY and PERMANENTLY CUED.

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English History

Fun with exes

The first time round he

Married a Miss Wright

And found she was wrong

Hyena tore flesh

From my dead mother’s body

Wolfed in New Zealand